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Thursday, July 18, 2013

There's Your Problem....


  1. I'd bet getting in in there was probably a lot easier than getting it out will be. Once worked in a hospital and was in ER when they got a guy in with excruciating pain in his lower abdomen (above his arse). He would not talk to docs about it except to moan, groan and scream in pain. Well his friend - another guy - told docs that during sex, he had placed a large shot glass over the head of his schlong and rammed it home but when he pulled out he was surprised that the glass did not come out too (he was apparently a real brain surgeon and the other guy was like the Straw Man - in need of a brain). They supposedly had tried for hours to get it out before going to the ER. ER staff got it out easily after letting the guy lay there in agony for an hour or two while consulting and deciding what had to be done.

  2. But how in hades would you get a hammer up there!!!

  3. If I had a hammer
    I'd ram it up my butt-ut-hole
    I'd ram it up the sweet spot
    Between my checks
    I'd hammer out hemorrhoids
    I'd hammer out polyps
    I'd hammer out the love between my brother and my sister
    All over this land.

  4. I've been constipated, but never so much I needed to work it out with a hammer.

  5. true meaning of getting pounded in the ass...

  6. KY, aka Kentucky Jelly


  7. there's a "getting head" joke in here somewhere.

  8. The question is: Did that little pest of a gerbil survive?


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