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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Buy A Machine They Said... It Will Be Fun They Said.....

New Belts  $250.00
New Coolant Union  $1100.00
4 Hours on Saturday Morning In Heat and Humidity Helping 
the Service Guy to Get It Done....... Priceless


  1. small business owners=getting it done.
    I was replacing air probe in my blast freezer at 1AM the other night. F'Yeah 'Merica!

  2. Replies
    1. Yes, Hardinge Bridgeport XP760. Overall it's a great machine.

    2. Not too familiar with that one. My Dad started out as a Tool and Die Maker, and wound up with the company in the Chicago area that had the exclusive distributorship for Bridgeport.

      I think I learned all about Bridgeports by the time I was 10. I could change the collets and cutters, but needed a step-stool to get up to the head and spindle to do it!

      I remember during the 60's and 70's when there was a THREE YEAR backlog on new Bridgeports from the factory, and good used ones were going for more than a new one, simply because you could get it.

      Best damn vertical mill ever made!

    3. I just Googled that machine....holy smokes, that's a whole damn machining center!

      No wonder the coolant system parts cost so much.

      The first "CNC" stuff I ever saw ran a punched tape, like for the old teletype machines, but made of better material so it could withstand the machine shop environment.

      Pretty doggone neat toy' you have there!

      What's a used one go for?

    4. I just got it back up and running. Check out the new post. I paid over 100,000.00 for this one in 2008
      Used they are probably 50-70k I would imagine?

  3. If you come over to my blog I'll show you my new $80 garden cart! ha ha ha ha ha ha

  4. New Coolant Union $1100.00

    There's your problem, the coolants have unionized. If only Mass was a "right to refrigerate" state;)

  5. I developed a rule, during my years running film labs.
    Always help the tech that comes in to fix shit.
    That way you only pay him once for every job he does for you
    In a few years you know how to fix every part of every machine you own!

  6. Next time you need parts let me know


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