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Friday, July 19, 2013

Fryday! - Sights from the commute - Walked into this -

Fryday ...So.. this is how the day will be:

Sights from the commute:

This morning a raccoon crossed in front of me on the way into work. As he sauntered across I noticed he had no tail. Poor little guy. It looked like it was a fairly recent wound as I drove by and he headed into the woods to suffer.

When I pulled into the shop there was a huge black crow perched on the peak of the building. I thought to myself , "That's an ominous sign". Little did I know the little fucker must have been 
in my shop earlier and left a hole in the coolant hose on one of the machines. I walked into this mess.......

Oh well.... it's almost noon somewhere!!!



  1. Damn. That little bastard! Time to get out the pellet gun and send that crow back into the depths of hell where he came from.

    It's noon all day for me today so cheers to ya... [clink]...

  2. What strange looking coolant!
    What is that shit?


    1. Techcool 35048 by Chemetall


  3. Well, there went another $$$$.$$ worth of profit.

    1. Oh ya.. wet vac, speedy dry, lost time. As you well know :)


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