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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Members of The Party of Kumbaya Issues Death Threats To Protect THEONE


LINK Sheriff receives death threats after Obama joke



PLYMOUTH, Mass. (WHDH) -- A local sheriff is getting death threats after making controversial comments about the president.
The sheriff says it was supposed to be a joke, but some people are saying he went too far.
Plymouth County Sheriff Joe McDonald is refusing to step down despite criticism and death threats from around the world.
“[I will not resign] absolutely not. This is America and I don't see any criminal intent here nor do I see any criminal conduct,” Sheriff McDonald said.
The headlines started after Sheriff McDonald told a joke about President Obama meeting Abraham Lincoln during the Republican St. Patrick's Day breakfast in Scituate.
"Obama is looking at Abraham Lincoln adoringly and he says, ‘Please share your wisdom with me. What can I do to make this country a better place? And Lincoln looks him in the eye and he says, ‘Go to the theatre.’"
Sheriff McDonald was referring to when President Lincoln was assassinated in Ford's Theatre.
But he says its old joke told many times about many different presidents through the years.
“This was one of those unfortunate situations that some people took offense and as I said, for that I'm sorry -- I meant no harm, no offense, no harm to anybody physically or emotionally,” Sheriff McDonald said.
As his comments went viral, McDonald received hate mail and death threats from as far away as Europe.
“Those death threats you know my family is very concerned about those and I don't blame them,” Sheriff McDonald said.
He says he understands why people might be concerned, but he intended no harm.
“To the extent that those people who are unable for whatever reason to differentiate reality from political satire, if I've offended them I'm sorry about that but the joke was that -- it was joke,” said Sheriff McDonald.

Now go google "kill Bush"


  1. I've told jokes like this one (and this one, too) for decades, over which I've managed to "offend" partisans from both parties. Which I consider a good thing. It identifies people with an atrophied (or at least, extremely narrow) sense of humor, so that I can avoid them in the future. "If you can't take a joke, f**k you."

  2. The 'kool aid' drinkers are such a tolerant bunch...!

  3. Yep. The "other side" wants US to be sooooo tolerant of them and their beliefs. But somehow I never seem to get the same warm and fuzzy when it's their turn to be tolerant of us.
    Sooooo I've developed a "fuck 'em" attitude. You don't like what I'm saying. Fuck you. Repeal the First, I dare you.


  4. I know the feeling. I was ranting on Obama and someone asked "Okay, Who would you like to be the President tomorrow ??"
    "Joe Biden"
    They were not amused.


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