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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Vernal equinox my...cold butt

I got this in an email from one of my readers:

To all,
Tomorrow morning at 7:02am, vernal equinox, commonly known as spring, will officially be here in the Northern Hemisphere.
Global warming?
Would someone please advise AlGore that global warming is sorely needed today as it just doesn't look anything like vernal equinox...   Please note the two photos I just took of our warm, spring like backyard. This is northern Michigan, not the northern arctic.
Would someone tell the deer that AlGore screwed up and flunked out of divinity school and seemingly his latest attempt at education...



  1. Ya it does need to start acting a little more Spring-like all over.

  2. Their response is "Global warming causes the cold snaps."

    Yeah, just like rampant fornication causes virgins.

  3. Heh..Saw that one also...
    We are at 17 above right now...Our high for the day they tell us..
    Might see 30 by the weekend..


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