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Monday, March 4, 2013

I Didn't Realize The Feral Irishman Was That Important ....

I had an interesting email request this morning from a fellow blogger:


Can you remove me from your bloglist? I'm getting various government folks stopping by on my blog.... I don't really plan to resume blogging as it isn't fun for me anymore. I had (XYZ Blogger) remove me from his and the DEE H SSSS just quit coming by anymore. sorta outta site outta mind I guess.

Seems like our tax dollars are being used to see what we are doing.

I hope they enjoy the patriotic boobies that I post:


  1. Fuckem, I like em, the boobies that is.

  2. And if it really it Big Sis watching, you can bet that dyke likes em too.

  3. I must not be posting enough/the right/large enough boobies. Big Sis pretty much ignores me.

    1. Hiswiserangel,

      Let me know why Wirecutter (Ken) ain't postin any of my comments lately. Have I offended him?


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