Sunday, December 9, 2012

Why Do The Customers Always Wait...

until the last minute, especially at year end, to place orders?

I had some orders come in that all need to get finished by the end of year or (12/21/12) which ever

comes first I guess.

You guys all play nice and don't break anything. I'll be about the webz off and on.


  1. Fuckers. My job would not be a bad place to work if customers would leave me alone.

  2. We always get that shit. Huge order, gotta ship by the end of the week. Of course the more complicated the order the sooner they need it.

  3. UMMM, that's an Aztec calendar.

    1. Hi Don,, I have no idea what I'm doing..hahahhah

      How's this one?

    2. Much better. I only noticed because an ex-girlfriend was Mexican. She had one on her wall and explained it to me. Different symbols and counting method, mostly. Also, it's never a good tactic to assume Aztec, Mayan, and Incan are the same.

  4. Looks like a pizza to me, I'll have a large with extra bacon.


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