Saturday, December 8, 2012

Shit Happens.....


  1. And the winner is.... Obamas reelection.

  2. Yep, it does, doesn't it... sigh

  3. I've actually seen #12, with the cars sitting on block after someone stole the wheels. It was my old job, security guard at a hotel, with a new hotel right next door, where someone had parked their Jaguar and they found the wheels stolen withing the first week of the new place opening.

    Much later somebody did that to my wife's car, as it sat in our front yard one night. They managed to steel the two wheels (on factory rims- WTF!?!)on the side away from the house, then apparently they got scared off, so we had to buy two new wheels and tires, never heard anything from the police about it.

  4. I've actually rebuilt the motors on the type of the giant truck third from last (not necessarily THAT particular truck; they used to have quite a few of them in use). Each wheel on that thing has it's own bigass DC motor, similar to the ones on locomotives. That picture is at the Kennecott copper pit mine here in Salt Lake valley.

  5. Texas Longhorn nut shot.
    I have got to steal that one and send it to my Tsip Uncle.
    Aggie. Class of '82 WHOOP!

  6. Well, I feel better about my day now.

    Except that last one. That one sucks for EVERYBODY.


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