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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Somewhere There is a Smartass Kid....


  1. Replies
    1. Ooops I forgot the ass part. I thought that was a pretty good reply to the statement.

  2. Indoctrination. Resist my little smartasses!

  3. What can people share that benefits all? That would be freedom.

    What can people share that benefits only the government then, ultimately, not even them? ... THAT would be communism. AKA ... slavery.

  4. the little fuker got it wrong!

    It's hard to be a smartass when you're stoopid.

  5. Okay, I see how you guys are reading that. I took it the other way when I first read it.

    I guess that would have been my smart-ass side, especially if the teacher was a moonbat.

    Maybe you are right and he is already too late to save... who knows.

  6. Equally share in the misery of communism.

    Advocate for it and share in the blood of 200+ million innocent lives.

    Sorry, I have a ZERO TOLERANCE policy for communists, Nazis, and other totalitarians.


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