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Monday, December 24, 2012

Are You Getting Alot More Spam Lately?

I hate the thought of putting that stupid word verify thingy in the commenting process of my site because it is such a pain in the ass. Lately though I'm getting lots of spam I have to weed through to get to the comments. Are you seeing the same thing? I know some of you have added the word verify, did it help?

I might add is for a bit to see if it cuts down on the crapola....


  1. In answer, I seldom if ever have spam. It seems, at least to me, the new format of Blooger catches most of it in there spam folder. I too hate the word verification process and do not use it. Merry Christmas, my friend.

    1. Excuse me. I haven't had my coffee yet...meant to write (their) spam folder.

  2. Blogger's CAPTCHA sucks for the commenter; I more often than not skip commenting on blogs that use it. The best thing I've found for cutting out the spam comments is not allowing anonymous comments. Doesn't kill it all, but cuts it down significantly.

  3. Cowboy up.
    Leave the word verification for the women and children.

    (Says the guy who has, like, five people that read his blog)

  4. I'm drowning in spam. 100 to 150 a day.

  5. I only get about 5-10 spams a day, but once you mark it as spam you don't get them back. Of course, like MSgt B, I don't have the universal readership you and wirecutter have.

  6. Merry Christmas Pissed. And thanks for the great entertainment all year long.

  7. I've only had a couple. I'll get an email about a comment and when I go to delete it, it's already gone.

  8. Actually, I'm getting far less spam than ever. Merry Christmas, Pissed. I really enjoy the hard work you put into your site - you and WC are my first stops on the Internet evening after work. Have a happy, prosperous and healthy 2013.

  9. What seems to be working for me is under posts and comments, I turned it on sometimes and made it on for older than 2 days. You still get the spam, but at least you can allow posts and comments to post automatically.

    This probably won't help you though, as your volume is much higher than mine..

  10. I agree with Stephan and David. I haven't had too much spam through blogger's spam filter. Although I do only get a fraction of the page views that you do, and probably a fraction of the spam that you do. Captcha seems quite awful on the blogs that it is used.

    Best of Luck, Merry Christmas...

  11. Hell, I'm down to only 14 cans. If you got any of that Hickory smoked SPAM, I'd be more than happy to take it off your hands!

    oh, wait, you're all Bloggers...I may have to rethink this.


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