Thursday, October 6, 2011

What I'm Reading Today....

Jay G talks about "Jumping to Conclusions"
 ..with a link to Jennifer who writes about being an "Easy Mark"

"Southern Bell" writes about taking responsibility for your own self defense and links
to an Excellent must read post by "BRIGID" on self defense.

North offers chocolate cake vodka to go with "BACON" !!

Dave is celebrating 4 years at "MUSINGS OVER A PINT"

Wirecutter STILL hates "OBAMA".. and enjoys bacon :)

Bubba has a bunch of good links to "READ"   one of which is a good article about an  "EMP"

Borepatch gives us a heh..   "VIDEO"

Pitsnipesgripes has some "HAWTCHICKS"

There are many more great posts you can read over on my sidebar...

I think I'll label this post "SNOOKI"  since it seems to draw lots of hits......

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