Thursday, October 6, 2011

Thanks Amazon.....!!!

More books to keep me busy. I have been adding books that some of you have recommended
and or mentioned on your blogs...Thank you!!


  1. Seems we have the same taste in books. Like the blog, hit your follower button.

  2. I see your a reader...try these... they will keep you up at night...

    Pillars of the earth - follet
    devils guard - Elford
    count of monte cristo - dumas
    Painted Bird - kozinski
    shogun - clavell
    Butlerian Jihad - herbert
    Machine Crusade - herbert
    Warded man - brett
    Desert Spear - brett
    Shining - king
    Wheel of time series (14 books - very good)

    hook me up with the best 3 titles you have ever read...

  3. Thanks J3 Ill check them out :)


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