Sunday, October 2, 2011

Canine Commandments... : )


  1. This made me think of my Jack, gone these twenty years.

    I think I just got something in my eye.

  2. BP...It's nice that Jack left such a spot on your heart that 20 years later is still there.

    Dogs do that.

    I had to give up my first dog do to a break-up and when I heard he was killed by a car I got dust in my eye too.

  3. I like that, it can make you tear up a bit if you've ever had a beloved dog. And they should all be beloved, really.

  4. I went out and sat next to Barkley laying on the too expensive leather sofa and didn't have him move. I just talked to him a bit and scratched his ears and spent some time with him.


  5. This room is way to dusty now...

    I'm going to go lay down with my dogs.


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