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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I Went Behind Enemy Lines Just Now....

One of the blogs I read had this cartoon up:

Here is the "BLOG"   they post some good stuff sometimes...

anyway  I clicked on the first commenter -critter-  and was pleasantly surprised to 

see a mirror image of most of the blogs on our side of the fence.

IF you want... GO click on critters link to see Critters Blog  and look at his posts.

You could have interchanged the two words DEMOCRAT and REPUBLICAN

on his page and it would go from "Left" to "Right" in an instant....

Go take a peek if you want, its amazing how polar opposite we are in this country.

Let me know your thoughts :)

I have to go shower now I'm feeling awful dirty


  1. You must be the only one reading him. Aside from the cartoon you posted, the next six or seven posts have zero comments....

  2. Hi Chiefhaybob... did you click on Critters name and go to his blog?

    Sorry if that wasnt spelled out clearly... I added a line to the original post.



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