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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Back at the Con....

I just rolled in a little while ago and it looks like I need to do some catching up on all my favorite blogs. It looks like you guys/ gals held the fort down so kudos to you for that :)

Golf was great and the weather was spectacular... I'm gettin reaclimated to being back in reality and Monday is a day and a half away...Oh well..  30 plus emails and a stack of mail....

I think I'm feeling a little like this:


  1. It's like you need a vacation from your vacation, right??

  2. Welcome back/ Just got back myself from a family visit, welcomed in another little girl. Long trip and I am paying for it, hard to walk after that long ride. Yep LC Aggie Sith, I am on vacation on the couch and wheel chair for a few, but well worth it.

  3. Brother Irish...I feel like that EVERYDAY of my life, anymore! They need to re-do this tune and add the part about the shits taking all the free shit from the people who pay for all the shit, though!


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