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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Check This Out....... Interesting.. to say the least......

I got this comment from a friend on a Facebook Post:

I heard an interesting comment on the radio. Why have no ex-girlfriends come forward to talk about BHO, the man, the myth, the legend. Former students? Classmates? He seems to be like a ghost, yet the media are all over a MN congresswoman because she gets migraines. It all seems quite curious...

It is interesting......  What are your thoughts???

Maybe  Its all in plain site?


  1. Shit, now I'm gonna check all of my sunglasses ;)

    But your friend is right. Why haven't ANY women come forward?? No friends, nothing??

  2. It's all too strange. And the only people that we know of that he has ties to are terrorists, thugs, socialists or muslims.

    The msm has NO credibility. They have refused to do their job for far too long.

  3. Well one of his BOYfriends came forward, and it looks like 3 others had convenient"accidents" before they had a chance to...


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