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Monday, May 3, 2021

On The Tracking Of Your Life... How Does This Happen...


 Last fall I bought a used Cyclone rake for easier pick up and removal of all the leaves here. 

It was only a couple years old with low usage so it was a good deal.

 For me, it worked great and was a time saver. I haven't done anything with it since I stored

it after the fall season. I modified the hitch to go on my ATV and figured that sometime this year

I would get the bracket to mount it to the mower. The mower does a better job of shredding/ mulching

the leaves into the CR trailer. Anyway, I was on break and decided to contact Cyclone rake to find out

what model bracket my mower takes. Once that was determined I sent an email to myself with

the information.  When I got home I was sitting in the driveway and this comes up on my Farcebook

page. Really? Was my phone listening? Did my email from work, which is on a DOD secure cloud,

get processed by some algorithm as it passed on the comcast servers? I have never ever seen 

Cyclone Rake on my Farcebook page before.  That's a bit eff'd up if you ask me.


  1. Almost every website I go to to buy products is connected to bookface, if you watch the lower left corner of the screen when the page is loading their is reference to fb and google.

  2. Did you mention it in conversation?

    The fb app listens, even when you're not on a call. Mentioning a product out loud in the presence of your phone and waiting for the fb ads to appear is almost like having you own personal shopper. (Just don't think about your personal shopper being your stalker as well.)

  3. I have had conversations with strangers about things I would never dream of buying. All of a sudden, adds. Somehow "they" listen. Scary.

  4. That secure DOD cloud business ain't so secure after all, huh?
    It's 1984 again, forever.

    1. I guess not. Either the iphone heard the discussion or the email got "read" it's all I can think of.

  5. Just wait until one shows up on your door step because your phone decides you really need one and orders the fucker.

    1. I'm going to start saying "Mrs. Smith", over and over and over. I hope she knows which house I live in and when the old woman is gone.

  6. Facebook absolutely listens.

    Had a conversation about telescopes back when me & the wife were dating.....gonna set it up & show her how it works. Later she gets on her computer - checking her Facebook - boom....ads for telescopes.... suggestions for videos about telescopes. Freaky as shit.

    Now she believes me about the phones listening to our every conversation.

    This has happened too many times to be coincidental.

    Careful what ya say.... there's a snitch in ya pocket.

  7. As a beekeeper..I watch the plants and trees on our property. I told my wife about an app I downloaded to identify plants today. She picked up her phone a few minutes later and opened facebook. The app I told her about was the first thing she saw.

  8. Ed Snowden warned us. Ted Kacynski may have been right.

  9. That's why I have VERY few "apps" on my phone. Still, I've noticed a lot more "coincidental" ads than I'm comfortable with.

  10. Not listening.

    Paying attention to the number you dialed. (Assuming you used an Android or iOS phone.) When you grant an application (sorry, not calling them apps. Too old) access to your phone, you are giving it permission to look at who you called, and who called you.

    Now, if you used a desk phone, or a stupid phone to call Cyclone, then I have no idea how they got your info, except by listening in.

  11. Irish, it's certainly very possible that the phone listened or that the email was read, but there is another simpler explanation. Many bigtechfucks, including fakebook, put an invisible "pixel" tracker on websites. It's a tiny piece of code that tells them where you visited before, during, and after you visited the website with the pixel tracker. So assuming that you had more than one window or tab open on your browser when you went to email, or that you closed those but went to email without first clearing all history, the pixel tracker was able to see that you visited cyclonerakedotcom. That alone would be enough to explain the ads.

    Not saying the other things didn't also happen, they probably did, just saying that a pixel tracker is sufficient explanation for what you describe, per Occam's razor.

    Also, FYI, every single website that includes the social media button to click on the stylized "f" automatically includes a pixel tracker for every site listed, whether "f" or "g" or "m" or "t".

    Anyway, on a related topic, I'm constantly amused that otherwise intelligent people still seem to think their cellphones are telephones. They are not, and never were. They are human surveillance and tracking devices. They offer phone service, apps, and entertainment merely as a way to get people to pay to carry one of the damn things around. But their underlying purpose is surveillance and tracking. Period. No different from an ankle monitor that you are forced to pay for, except they have tricked everyone into doing it willingly.

    Yeah, "surveillance device" means that they are always listening. Always. Even in "airplane mode". Even when turned "off". Even when inside a faraday cage. Always. Period. By design.

  12. Definitely your phone, I don't have F**kface app on phone, but has an android OS. Don't have cable. so put on laff channel for a little background noise prior to going to sleep. Will look at the Google newsfeed every week or so, and there are always articles on it pertaining to shows that are on at that time period. Your very own snitch in the pocket.


  13. Happens to me and I do not have a cell phone.

  14. I have landline (VOIP) through Comcast. A few months ago, I was talking to my brother and the word church was mentioned in passing during one part of the conversation. About a minute later, my phone starts to ring. Caller ID indicates blah blah Church. After I hung up, I looked up blah blah Church using the phone# in caller ID. It's located in N. Carolina.

    I've had the ringer on my VOIP phone mostly turned off since about the end January 'cause I was getting 3,4,5 calls a day from telemarketers. The calls stopped almost immediately. I occasionally turn the ringer back on just for shits and giggles. Almost invariably, the phone will ring within 15-20 minutes of the ringer going back on.

    The voice command on the Comcast TV box remote? Turn that thing off too. As for having a SIRI or Alexa device inside your home, listening to every word spoken, YOU MUST HAVE ROCKS FOR BRAINS.


  15. Oh, about the book of face? Never, ever, ever, ever have an account there. Get Signal on your cell and use it for messaging to people you want to stay in touch with. Signal is a secure messaging app. It has end to end encryption, so .gov can't look at those messages as they're being transmitted. Make sure to delete the conversation once you're done. How secure is Signal? Drug dealers use it.


  16. Whadder'yer doing on facebook? You really need to divest yourself from social media.

    The tipoff probably came from the site you visited, or if you are on android, your phone.

    But you've given me the basis for a cunning experiment. I have alexa. I use it to listen to tunes, and turn lights off and on. I think 2-3 times a day it needs to hear me wondering how to score a blowjob and weed.

    See what comes up when I surf.

  17. My sister and I (yes, "I gotta sister") were talking the other week about some gardening things that we had just bought and during the call her phone got tagged with a message regarding a competing product. Since then
    I have since started talking around my phone about all the excellent articles I find on Salon and in the Atlantic.

    If only we could organize a day and time when everyone would say a particular constructed series of sentences on both the phone and typed as an email. Blow it up. But of course we wouldn't do it, because we are fraidy cats.


    If you are using gaggle, you are the source.

  18. Android OS was created by Google so that they could track you when you're not using the search engine. But it's not like there aren't a dozen other companies tracking you. Facebook tracks you even if you don't have an account. I mean, you don't get ads on your FB page, but you get them in other things.

    The only choice you have is who's tracking you, and then only a little bit of choice.

    The ones that annoy me the most are Home Depot and a few other places that if you happen to end up on a product page, they send you ads for a week or two trying to sell it. "Are you still deciding?" Most of the time I go there it's because someone wants my input on a product or they told me they bought something with a link to the HD page and I have no interest in the thing at all. A few times I've gone to the store and bought the thing, but the email side doesn't know and still sends me the SPAM email every day for the week.

  19. Another thing....almost all the text in in emails is sent in clear text over the Internet. So all it takes is a network sniffer or two and they have all the text...which can then be parsed for keywords.

  20. I hear about similar events all the time which is why I periodically put in a search for ladies lingerie, Voila, better pics show up.

  21. I read this article about 20 minutes ago, and had to come back to comment. Went on you tube to view auto repair video, first ad that pops up is for cyclone rake. Gotta love it.


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