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Saturday, May 8, 2021

Might want to top off the gas tanks of your vehicles and a "jerry can" or two

 A cyber attack has shut down the top U.S. pipeline network.  This is the same pipeline that was incapacitated by an explosion back in December of 2016. This pipeline moves approximately 2.5 million gallons of gasoline per day and provides about 45% of the east coasts gasoline supply. There isn't any word yet as to when the problem will repaired. The DOE is monitoring the situation and concerned that fuel prices may spike. This could be a terrible blow to the economy as prices have nearly doubled since Joebama was elected. Read one piece pertaining to this story HERE.

Gasoline is something most of us depend upon daily. So, whether there are shortages or price gouging, or nothing out of the norm happens, (knowing the nature of the people who are running the government, we can deduce they will not let a good crisis go to waste) buying a few extra gallons and playing it safe would be the smart thing to do. On the other hand, if things got really bad, we could end up like 'ol Max.



  1. Just got back from a top up and more. Figure I won't have any cause to kick myself in the future for buying the gas now at $3/gal, since it's hardly like the prices are gonna go down.

  2. As of this morning 10 AMish - price per gallon was up 20¢ here in my town (extreme north and central Arkansas) however, a twenty mile drive east to another town but with triple mine's population the price was unchanged at $2.53/gallon.

    Glad I had a planned trip already figured on and my tank was less than half full. (15.4 mpg)


  3. Thanks, I will be at the pumps tomorrow morning topping everything off and filling every gas can I have.

  4. Not just a cyber attack, Ransomware.
    All y'all are fucked.

  5. Norms?

    That's a word Zippy likes to use to ID conditions under which the Commies want us to live.

    Friends don't let friends use Commie words.

    PS For about the 3rd time in just a couple of months, Gargoyle has trashed a comment, saying I was out of sync. I didn't know ABC spelled Big Brother in Cyrillic.

  6. I work for a Nat Gas pipeline company, our cyber security dept was already a bunch of tin foil hat people, they probably got chubbies when this hit. All of our control systems are completely isolated from the internet, but I know a lot of companies in energy distribution use the internet for theirs. We don't even use cell modems or anything with Bluetooth in controls.

  7. Cyberdisruptions courtesy of the World Economic Forum. This is the same group that 'simulated' a worldwide virus outbreak just before the actual outbreak.
    Rabbit hole? I don't think so, anymore.

    A couple links:



  8. I've been checking the local prices on gas buddy since the news broke. Local prices ranging from $2.69 - $2.85 for regular holding steady. Typically around here, Monday is the day they raise prices, so I'd best get out there today, although I'm at 3/4 tank currently.


  9. Wife's car took 10 gallons to top off. I emptied the pure 90 octane out of my 3 gal into the Harley to top it off where I finished it toping off the lawnmower. I put 8 gallons in the truck, 2 5-gal, a 3-gal, and a 2.5 gal to get a reading just shy of 26 gallons. Those gas cans hold more than what is advertised. Gas was $2.50.9 a gallon.

    Seven months ago it was $1.88 a gallon

  10. Hi Irish!!,
    Yup!! Gas prices going up along with all other "consumer Goods" as all get's delivered by TRUCK!! and "RAIL" ....
    Was at wally world a while ago.. Needed to get some "Limes!!" for my "Cuba Libre's!!" and the price was "60 cents EACH!!!" Just a few daze ago they were 38 cents each!!" 'Price almost DOUBLE!! Guess have to move to South Florida or plant a "Lime Tree" in my yard!!!
    Audentes, Fortuna, Iuvat,

  11. Hey skybill, limes were fifty cents apiece at the Wally World back up here in your old hood two weeks ago.

  12. You vote for stupid commie libturd people into office and you get stupid commie libturd gas prices.
    Mexafornia is going for the gold at $4.20 a gallon for 87 octane piss gas.


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