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Friday, April 30, 2021



    Sitting here enjoying a gray, drizzle laden morning as the sky lightens. So begins a three day weekend. Just needed an extra day off to get some stuff, non-work related, done. I'm sure most are getting overload from the constant barrage of xiden,rona,vaxx 24 hour news, social media, blogophere forms of information. Some of the information is important and should be reviewed to stay current as events are unfolding. Lately, there are many in my daily circle that are all going for the vaxx. People that are, what I would consider, smart enough to not just follow the herd. I guess I was wrong. Only time will tell exactly what the outcome of this will be. 

  I always find that comments, whether here or on other sites, can offer more information that would otherwise go unnoticed by some that aren't making a career of mining information. Here are a few, of many, from the vaxx post the other day, that I had time to add to this post.

Like this comment:

RFK Jr writes regarding B. Gates: "including #Microsoft’s ambition to control a global vac ID enterprise". Just finished a book that ties together two topics: 1) purported war crimes in Afghanistan by a platoon leader (ordered 3 locals shot, 2 died, 1 survived). 2) the use of biometrics as a way to identify large segments of a population-hostile or friendly; the military/FBI/CIA started developing that new technology during the Iraq invasion. In Afghanistan a goal was set to have 75% of the entire population scanned by biometric tools and that information put into a database. Young soldiers-some still teenagers-were/are trained in how to get that information from the living and the dead. Kill a guy? Go get his data with hi-tech gadgets (iris scanners are one such gizmo)-do it wrong or forget to do it after a firefight? Your ass is in big trouble. Got friendlies in a village? Go seduce that information from them somehow. At the very end of the book (just published) the author mentions a little about the 'pandemic', especially the deep nasal swab for the infamous PCR test. She failed to say it directly, but the millions and millions of swabs from American 'friendlies' very likely produced key biometric information-DNA anyone??-that just might have found its way into the ABIS database the military has used for over 20 years or maybe into a similar database that the FBI uses to identify, track, and Lord knows what else to people like you and me. Yes, Big Brother is watching and Gates and Company may well have ulterior motives in those activities. "First Platoon" by Annie Jacobsen; "An Urgent Investigation into Warfare, Good, and Evil in the Age of Biometrics, The Technology that Would Allow the Government to Identify Anyone, Anywhere, At Any Time". My guess: thanks to all the nefarious players in the scamdemic, millions more Americans now have their personal biological data in one or more databases without their consent. 

or this link to market ticker sent by GROG in his comment:

This is a long read, but accurate, imo, if anyone is interested. 

 https://market-ticker.org/akcs-www?post=242205  <<<  LINK

the article starts off......

There is a reason science is a process and until you understand something you should keep your ******ned mouth shut.

Especially when all you have against 40+ years of hard science is computer models.

Massssskss was one of them.  I warned early on that physics said masks could not work if the virus was in aerosols or transmitted in feces, no matter whether the feces were manually spread or through aerosols.  We knew this was virtually certain when a mass-spread event happened twice in Wuhan and Hong Kong in apartments on the same vertical drain stack where there were no P-traps; the people infected did not know each other and thus any other form of transmission other than through fecal aerosol was wildly improbable.  That was ignored.  We then had the German meatpacking plant where everyone was wearing masks and yet a huge outbreak took place across tens of feet, a claimed impossibility.  Yet it happened and was proved by RNA sequencing; the researchers were able to identify the index and daughter cases and thus conclusively prove that the infections happened in that plant via that route, despite masks.

Now MIT has weighed in and said the same thing. They try to sidestep the mask issue in their "research" but fail; nothing less than an N95, which is not a mask but rather a respirator, stops aerosols, and source control does not work even with N95s because when you exhale the positive pressure escapes around the edges and for aerosols goes right through the gaps.  Workplaces and airlines have banned N95s with exhaust valves which preserve the seal on your face and thus are the only ones that will provide protection for you against inhaling said aerosol.  Non-valved respirators repeatedly break said seal and thus render it ineffective within minutes.  Don't believe me?  Put on an N95 without a valve and do some sanding where there's lots of dust, when you take it off let me know what you find around the edges where the respirator used to be.  This is why you want the ones with a valve and why the ones I have for such work have a valve.

Pay attention to this paper folks and note its publication date, January 2021.  Nobody has paid any attention to it at all yet it is peer-reviewed in Nature, one of the "better" medical publications.  I will start right here with what you do not want to read, but you damn well should before you take the shots.

Enjoy your day, stay safe. 


  1. millions and millions of swabs from American 'friendlies' very likely produced key biometric information-DNA anyone??-that just might have found its way into the ABIS database the military has used for over 20 years or maybe into a similar database that the FBI uses to identify, track, and Lord knows what else to people like you and me

    Never let a government intrusion go to waste.

  2. Good morning, Irish, and good thoughts to you.

    Sharing information without getting overloaded has always been an interesting balance, Phil commented on that yesterday.


    Have an excellent weekend.

  3. The "great" part of DNA databases is that you don't need 100% of the population. As long as your sibling, parent, child, Aunt, uncle, or cousin puts their DNA in, they got you.

  4. Welcome to the Georgia Guide Stones depopulation segment.

    (Insert Bill and Melinda Gates GIGGLING about how the NEXT Pandemic WILL get our Attention here, YES they SAID that on LIVE TV look it up)

    Bioweapons of Old were as dangerous to the sender as the intended target as disease raged all around uncontrolled. Black Death comes to mind. More ADVANCED Bioweapons like the use of Smallpox contaminated blankets by the US Army for Indian reduction WORKED well BECAUSE the Average Non-Indian had BASIC Immunity to it. MODERN Bioweapons of which COVID 19 has been proven IS can be tailored to various levels of hazard up to and including mass death.

    Bioweapons can be tailored to SPECIFIC GENES, in the same way we use Gene THERAPY to FIX Errors they can AIM a Bioweapon at a specific Gene set.

    Done your Ancestry.com swab yet buddy? Or as this article says the COVID swab?

    Bioweapons can also be targeted for selective killing in what is known as Lock and Key attack. IF you can get the target group to receive part of the lethal mix Perhaps via Injection the mass public infection sickens many but KILLS the target population.

    It's a SAD thought all we can do now is HOPE the Powers that BE Screw this up given how many of my friends, family and neighbors are so PROUD they are Vaccinated.

    Spiritual preps are as important as the rest. We will all die someday, best to be on good terms with your Creator.

  5. Kinda makes you wonder, with all of the "celebs" and politicians documenting that they got the jab on vid if they were really getting the inoculation or a placebo.


    1. I like the Anfernee Hopkins clip where the nurse shoots it on the pavement after the arm-stick.

  6. Well lets SEE, Nancy Pelosi a prime candidate due to age for COVID19 who LOVES the Media Crowds frequently with out a mask nor social distancing to be seen has NEVER Got COVID 19. While many Republican members of Congress have had it can you NAME one Democrat that has?

    Oh yes SOME Democratic Aids got COVID 19 but alas selfishly failed to share it with their bosses.

    Come to THINK about it WHAT IS Washington DC's COVID 19 numbers anyway? It's a Massive BEEHIVE of bureaucrats yet I don't know of COVID 19 outbreaks there. Anybody Know the stats? I've never heard anything about the EPA or IRS having to close down due to a COVID outbreak unlike many, SO many Businesses.

    Things that make you go hummm

    My Bet is since it's a colorless liquid the "Chosen Ones" have gotten the REAL Vaccine against COVID 19 some time ago and the SHOW Shots are sterile saline.

    Sadly almost 1/3 of the USA is "Fully Vaccinated" and over half of us has had the first of the two "Vaccine" shots.

    I wonder when and how bad the butchers bill will be. I am sure the "Leadership" death toll will look suspiciously like a Enemies of Biden-Harris Purge while the "Tragic" death toll due to a DANGEROUS Unexpected Variant takes a lot of the "Vaccinated" DUE not doubt to the Unwashed Deplorables that failed to take their shots...

    You have no clue how hard I am praying I am wrong.

  7. I stand with any non vaxer. I am a placer miner and have no use for the sheeple that surround me. I have served, I have never missed an election, and still have Trump stickers on my vehicle. Thank you for taking the proper stance on this issue. I have only my dog left whom I can trust. But... Anyone who is of a right mind can call upon me and I will back you to the last breath. Everyone I thought had conviction is now a POS. I am just a private. Someone take a leadership role. Lets take our country back.

  8. By the way My name is Arlin Crawford I reside around Grass Valley CA and if in town can be found at the big church most days walking my rottie mix.

  9. I will never....... take the shot

  10. The gubbermint already has my finger prints from being in the military and working in the local school system
    so they already know who I am.

  11. Wow!
    Came for FFF...stayed for this article. It distills much of what I understand to be the case into one place.

  12. Are there ppl gathering together to talk about what we can do? I live in Texas & do not know many (if any) who are truly awake (or want to be awake) to what is going on. I don't just want to read info online, and starting to wonder if there are any REAL ppl to talk to face to face.

    I want to help and be prepared in any way I can.

    Is there someone? Anyone?

    Thanks for any response.. It's crazy to have your eyes opened and then needing someone's help, (b/c everyone you know, has their head in the sand or consumed with distractions.)

    Looking for direction.

    Thank you,

  13. Interesting. The post at market-ticker.org got memory holed...


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