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Saturday, March 27, 2021

The killer tornadoes that tore up much of Alabama this week were south of where I live, but we had lots and lots of rain.

 There is an old saying here in Alabama that goes "if you don't like the weather today, just wait until tomorrow." True to form, the weather has been "changing" lately and for the worse for many. The town of Moundville, just south of Tuscaloosa, has been hit hard by tornadoes twice in less than two weeks. One monster tornado formed in Green county near the Mississippi state line and stayed on the ground for 162 miles traveling across the state into Georgia. The town of Ohatchee was hit Thursday. Five people were killed and many homes, businesses, and churches were destroyed. We "dodged the bullet" with most of the nastier weather being south of where I live (Hale, Jefferson, St. Clair, Shelby, Jefferson, and Blount counties). We did get hammered by heavy rains (over 5"). Below are a couple of pictures sent to me by a friend of the dam at Brushy Lake Recreational Area (built in the 1930's by the CCC) not too far from where I live. I am surprised some kayak "suicide jockeys" were not out there shooting the rapids. 


                                               This is how the lake looks most of the time.

Whether the lake is high or low you cannot leave Brushy Lake without a walk  to the dam. - William B Bankhead National Forest

                                                                This is how it looked Thursday.


  1. That is crazy amount of water. We have been getting once or twice weekly rains. Been hard pressed to get jobs done.

  2. Here in NE Nebraska there were guys comparing this year to the drouth year of 2012 until two weeks ago when it started to rain. Six inches later and still some rain predicted. Unlike three years ago when it rained on frozen ground and washed huge gulleys everywhere, this has mostly soaked in. The rivers and creeks are well up and in the bottom ground there is some water standing but still soaking in. I've noticed that every state I've ever heard spoken of has the same version of "if you don't like the weather" and that saying is something the turd pushing globull warming a-holes ignore and those who never observe the weather close up, don't acknowledge and are therefore easily duped.

  3. Live about a mile from the GA tornado area. Lots of trees down and house damage but thankfully human toll only seems to be one heart attack.

  4. Here in Springville,Al. We had our own flash flood Thursday. A great many new plants have disappeared. The wife is not amused.

  5. Weather is the universal bastard.

    I'm in Canada, just north of Montana and we're getting another dump of white crapola tonight.

    Ah well, there's always summer with hailstones as big as baseballs to look forward to, or freezing fall which starts here about July 15th.

  6. But you driving an F 150, and a good one, not some POS, will control the weather in a hundred years.
    Any F 150 owner that told me that shit gets a bitch slap.


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