Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Pull Starting The SV-3000*


The *Super Vacuum 3000 is a very powerful machine. 

There are some issues though. So buyer beware. 

Reading through reported defects can help you make the right decision.

The Red model has been known to suck up your soul.

The Latino model runs hot so you need to keep your eye on the temperature.

The Brazilian model has a larger dust bag.

The White model is slowly being phased out.

The Asian model will get a comment from Boilerdoc.

The Black model will not get discussed here due to being a protected class. 

The Russian model, once imported, will work great until one day it sucks up everything and disappears.

The Chinese model doesn't come with a hepa filter so you will be coughing all day.

The Italian model will run hot or cold for no reason. The older model comes with a pasta maker.

The Bimbo model is all show and no go.

The MILF model is a bit older but catches your eye.

The Cougar model catches younger men.

The Irish model can run very cold which is good for the onboard mini keg.

Regardless of which model you choose, there are some that have been know to suck up half a house, half your retirement, half of everything you own, some of your friends, and money out of a paycheck on a monthly basis.

If you have had an experience with other models of the SV-3000 add them to the comments.

H/t To L in Portugal for the video.


  1. The Trans model comes with a stick shift.

  2. The English model doesn't move but makes an occasional whining noise.

  3. This is the only Home appliance that Requires you to keep THEM Happy.

    Because if they are UnHappy long enough,
    You will be UnHappy with HALF of your stuff. (Blue Collar Rules)

    MSG Grumpy

  4. The Creole model is difficult to understand, but will keep a good house.

  5. The American model has a lot of plastic parts now.

  6. The Kazakh model appears demure and submissive until the ring goes on.

    1. @Nitz ... a belated Chag Pesach S'meach ... I laughed so hard I almost fell from my chair !!! Well done.

  7. yep.....I had one of those. Took me years to recover from the aftermath!

  8. I want one that has interchangeable parts so I can make my own hybrid

  9. I have the Irish/American Indian model.
    Won't work unless it's topped up with "high-test"....if you know what I mean.

  10. They all should come with warning labels. Advice from my boyhood buddy, the lawyer, who has been married 3 times.

  11. If it’s got tits or tires you will eventually have problems with it.

  12. I've found that the Asian models are well constructed and quite space efficient, but during rough use they tend to sound like squeak toys....

  13. When did EVERY chick under 50 become a wanton SLUT?
    They are no longer attractive, they are disgusting whores.
    And his scummy TATS are just as bad.
    What a TWINK.
    Enough already.

  14. I married the Veta Park model. Vagina so deep I lost a house, half a 401k, and car into that sucker. Was really fun while fun while it lasted.

  15. Looks like the 1996 model year...


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