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Friday, December 4, 2020

Friday Femme Fatale.... 5 Minutes Late....





Have someone grab a beer for ya'

Come closer........



A little shear is always sexy

How does someone just leave that there???

My work face

Damp vibrations...

Tan lines

Every day...

What's the first thing you see?

Still works to this day

and a Trump re-election!

...doesn't have to last long, the back rub that is


for years and years and years.....

My buddy's older brother had one of these. What a car.

and make a lot of money

beer break!!


Good night to all the fans of FFF....


  1. Much nice tush throughout, although 35 is spectacular, and some very nice bouncy.

    And, yes, I love the thunder in those thighs.

  2. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! and Good Nite. Love the red heads, not that the blondes and brunettes aren't equally as enchanting.


  3. Adjustable breaker bar?
    CRETIN !
    I can't begin to count the number of people I've threatened with death, over my torque wrench.

    Nice batch, again - as always.
    Thanks, Boss.

    Whitehall, NY

  4. All are Mighty Fine specimens. However - #157 has to be wearing the ugliest hat know to mankind. A proper hat would not have the Half-Ass U logo but a pretty orange and green 'U'. But, it's a Canes Thing and she WOULD NOT UNDERSTAND.

  5. My damn 10mm is still lost, I can see Irish you may have something to do with it... Like the cougar relaxing on the couch, no nonsense, experience up the wazoo...

  6. Just a little help. A 7/16 open end wrench and dime as a spacer is 10 mm.

    Well done!

  7. Someone doesn't have as big of anger issues as I do.
    Loved that whole series though, I Lol'd at the socket swimming pool.
    Excellent selection of the fairer sex too.

    1. The Socket Swimming Pool was my favorite. It could also be entitled "Drain Plug Swimming Pool."

  8. And once again, you show the world why you’re my hero!

  9. Suweeet. Scott in central Ohio

  10. Do they even make 10mm sockets?

  11. Another great Saturday morning, brought to you by Irish.
    Thanks Buddy!
    I think I have one of those 10mm if you....never mind, cant find it

  12. Great FFF, thank you! #94 - My wife's grandmother and my grandmother had similar recipes that would cut a cold, sore throat, etc. Remove a few drams from a pint of Wild Turkey, add peppermint sticks, and let dissolve. Cold comes along, take a shot with lemon and honey. Enjoy. Excuse me...I feel a cold coming on...slainte'!

  13. Downwind from SeattleDecember 5, 2020 at 9:20 AM

    I'd love to pass on the tool humor ones but many of the mechanics in my circle have either a very good personal reason to not enjoy the other "views" and/or religious objections to the other "views"...is there a site that those came from? I tried TinEye but it didn't find anything...Otherwise I'll have to steal just those images and share them...

    1. Send me an email. It’s on the sidebar. I’ll try and find the site for you.

    2. Downwind from SeattleDecember 6, 2020 at 10:16 AM

      Thank you very much. Done.

  14. Pro Tip, load 10mm sockets into your shotgun, forensics won't be able to find them either.

  15. That's fine amalgamation of snoochery, right there. Bravo!

  16. Awesome FFF!!!
    And as for #94...I did survive that prescription and when my daughters were teething, they received a tsp of bourbon to help them sleep. I rubbed some on their gums and the rest went down the gullet.

  17. Forgot a couple. 131 is a nice round abundant tush on an older lady and 171 proves she can have a tummy and still be yummy (wisdom imparted here several years ago).

    PS The occasional round tummy would not meet with scorn here.


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