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Saturday, September 12, 2020

Saturday Success Story Saga That Started Surreptitiously With A Sheared Shaft ...


One quick update and it ain't about a leaky spigot.

 I was between chores earlier this afternoon and decided to drag the "mower" out of the shed. 

It was one of those, "I'm getting it done now" moments where you plan, execute, and finish with no

distractions.  Luckily I was unsupervised and it was too nice to go inside and start next weeks FFF. 

New drive installed in under an hour. From when I hooked up the chain to move it out of the corner of 

the shed to driving it around the yard.  The unit I got was a direct fit/match. I'm impressed given the 

fact that this mower is 15 years old.

I only grabbed a couple pics for the memories...

I got 5 bucks on the other side breaking tomorrow while I'm mowing..... you know, that Murphy guy.



  1. Yeah, I ain't taking that bet.
    I didn't grasp the mechanics of that thing at first. Now I see it has two separate hydros in it. Egads.....

    Whitehall, NY

    1. Hydro-gear makes a shit-ton of various configurations. You gotta give them credit. The drive lasted 15 years with no maintenance. The end of the shaft was the weak link in the unit. The new one is 1 inch compared to 3/4. For 550.00 it beats the cost of a new zero-turn that could go into the 3-5k range.
      I'll milk this one along for a while :)

  2. Used to have this on my desk. From the Brits, of course.

    Murphy's Law:
    ((U+C+I) x (10-S))/20 x A x 1/(1-sin(F/10))

    where U=urgency, C=complexity, I=importance, S=skill, A=aggravation and F=frequency

  3. Tell Murphy to go play with himself in the corner, ya gots work to do.

  4. Quick question... Did you bleed the air from the hydro lines before putting the mower down and trying to drive it? I only ask because there are some brands that will, very literally, explode if you fail to do so. (I'm looking at you, Dixie Chopper. They're kick ass mowers, but about as expensive to buy and maintain as a Porsche.)

    1. Good mornin BC. It's a self contained unit. Once I got things running I slowly engaged the drive. It was loud for 10-15 seconds then settled right in. It's much more responsive than the 15 year old one on the other side.

  5. Hi Irish!!!,
    Murphy was an "Optimist!!!!!"
    We say in "Skydivin'" ... Learn from everyone else's mistakes... you can't do them all your self and live!! AND!!!! If!!! You decide to "GO IN!!!!" ..Do something that nobody that bounced has done before!! "Be UNIQUE!!!" and maybe we won't piss in your crater!! Too Bad "Doc" Johnson just recently passed away (Nat.Causes) he did the most unique "Crater lurk"... Took Plaster of "Perris" , poured it into Rick' crater and made a "CAST" from that he made a "Mold" and it became a "Bird Bath" in the "Ghetto*" (*) The trailer park on the other side of Ghetz road at Skydive Perris .......BACK WHEN!!!

  6. I'm happy for you!
    Have some faith buddy, it ain't a fucking Sprite after all.


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