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Saturday, April 4, 2020

Stardate..04/04/2020 6:00am...The Pulse Of Things...

   As of today things around the bunker are "off" but not to the point that some of you are experiencing. Essential businesses are open so I am working full time and trying to be as safe as possible with my fellow employees. It's weird having the constant voice in your head say "don't touch your face" "sanitize your hands" "are you 6 feet away"  "if that fucker coughs again, I'll kill 'em" etc.   We are trying to follow the CDC guidelines and any additional rules that corporate EHS deems necessary.

   I do know that sooner or later the CCP virus will show up then things will change. Until then, at work,  we are doing what we can.

      The "Boss of the house" is working from home. Restaurants are doing take out and delivery as well as selling beer and wine if you so choose. State liquor stores are open as well as all the other essential businesses. I make sure to be extra thankful the person behind the counter each time I need to shop. Just as the First Responders and Doctors and Nurses, they too are on the front lines.

Off work it's Social distancing, limited interaction with others, sanitizer in the car, projects around the house etc.  One good thing is that I have lost weight. I pretend everything has corona virus on it :). Other than my supply of adult beverages.

The past:

    Back at the end of January I was starting to see some of the puzzle pieces that were showing up on the the webz. Obviously, to those paying attention, and those talking about it, these various items raised a small flag but nothing of the concern or indication of what was coming.

( back in 2019) >>>  Chinese researcher escorted from lab in Winnipeg

 Harvard scientist arrested

 Trump, on Feb 4, had mentioned the virus in his State of the Union address.

China welding doors shut in Wuhan    << My inner voice said "what the fuck are they trying to contain?"  (Thoughts of "The Stand")

Then I saw talk of supply chain issues and how much we truly rely on China for all our products >>>  PROCTOR GAMBLE<<<

At this point I started adding extra items in the shopping cart and ordering extra from amazon.
Just in case. I also purchased extra items for family that are in Taxachusetts.

Which brings us to today:  MAP LINK HERE<<

I thought it would be interesting to get some basic info on how all of you, that stop by to visit, are doing.

Here are some simple polls:

Starting with this map that breaks up the states in defined areas.

If you are outside the USA please leave a comment about what you are experiencing in your area.

What Area Of The Country Are You In?

New England
Great Lakes
Rocky Mountains
Far West

Local Area

Big City
Small City
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Lock Down?

Stay At Home
Self Isolation
Business As Usual
Personal Choice To Limit Interactions
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Is This Really What It Seems?

We'll see


Nothing around here
It's around but nothing close to home
I know someone that has it
I know someone that recovered
I know someone in ICU, please keep them in your thoughts
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Some people are starting to talk about being really sick during the Winter of 2019-2020

I know PHIL mentioned being knocked down for about 3 days.

Was It Already Here?

I Was Really Sick No Idea What It Was
I Wasn't Sick But I know People That Were

Thanks for stopping by and answering the polls if you did.

Please stay safe out there.



  1. I do know that sooner or later the CCP virus will show up then things will change. Until then, at work, we are doing what we can.

    This is not the Black Death. Calm down.

    A) I had something early Feb. Maybe it was the Peking Pulmonary Pox, maybe not.

    B) A lot of co-morbidities around where I am. Nobody sick. DeWidiot needs to get a grip.

    C) Further we go, the more wrong the models are.

    D) The real plague is the lockdown. Open the country back up.

    E) The Lefties will rue the day they started all this.

  2. Third choice on last question. I wasn't sick and don't know anyone who was really sick.

    1. Same here, anecdotal evidence of bad flu, but no one I know had that either.

    2. Yeah, the last poll needs that option for I wasn't sick and don't know anyone that was.

    3. Ok Ok, What can I say? It was early and I ran out of coffee :)

    4. My son is room-mates with a buddy of his, Perry, a hospital orderly. Last week he reminded my son of then he, Perry, was sick as hell in November last year with all the symptoms of corona virus. I remember my son telling me he was bit worried about Perry who was stuck in his room with a fever, aches, etc etc. I know Perry quite well as the boys rent their unit from me. Nice guy, not a bullshitter.

      I've told him to get tested, and I hope does, and I hope it was corona virus as that will establish an important data point.

      I can't do your poll except for this because I'm up in Canada.

  3. Marion County, KS. Just got our first documented case in the county a couple days ago. My wife and I were in quarantine for 2 weeks for a possible exposure, just got out yesterday, no effects. The deaths are real, but people are ignoring the advice to stop congregating, makes me nervous.

  4. So Im in Washougal, WA. About 20 minutes east of Phil(bustedknuckles). Luckily Im a machinist so work is still good. All office employees are working from home. The state has closed fishing, parks, trails, and supposedly all the DNR land. Most stores have put up sneeze guards and social distancing stickers all over the floors. Its fucking weird but the only thing lacking on the shelves really is T.P.(Close to 50% of people are wearing masks) Still a bit of traffic on the roads so people don't really seem to be staying home to the extent which the gov wants. I don't know of anyone that has the kung flu but I know its in the county I live in (Clark).

  5. Hey Irish. Just came back for another FFF look and saw your question. Live in KY; work in OH. Both states have "shelter-in-place" or similarly named orders. Essential businesses open. Most service and some retail businesses closed except carryout food/beer. Like you, I am "essential manufacturing" so working every day and not feeling the cabin fever that many do. While this is dangerous to a certain segment, I think the national response regarding "shut-down recommendations" is far over-blown. We need to convince the most at risk to shelter in place and let the rest work thru this. What nobody really talks about is in the end, no matter the shape of the curve, you have a similar mortality number unless we close down the economy for 18 months when a vaccine is ready. Flatter curve means longer curve. Less daily infections/deaths, but similar total in the end. Face it; the media won this battle against hard-working patriots. We need to win the important one in November. It is not too late, but we need to open back up for business.

  6. Being a state employee of Oregon, I work in a building that about 12 folks work in. Only two of us are currently working there. I, because I use an elaborate multi computer system to do my work, that can't be taken home, and the guy who runs and maintains the ROV (mini submarine with 6 video cameras), and is rewiring the whole thing, can't take that home either. Most of everyone else has a laptop to do their work from home. My supervisor and I just discovered that "Skype for Business" is so powerful, that he can take control of my computer from his laptop from home. Pretty scary and amazing! Fortunately, I have to give him permission first.

  7. Potter County PA, 2 confirmed cases, but those were posted a week ago. I work in the energy industry, so I still work. Not a ton of retail here so most stuff is open
    I had a crud for almost a month late January/early Feb.
    I would say probably 70/30 split of people taking it seriously.

  8. I'm generally not a day napper. About 5 weeks ago I was wiped out. Several days in a row I had to take a nap; not a quickie 20 winks nap either. Also felt warm for a couple of days.

    Hopefully that was my exposure and over-and-done.

  9. I answered the questions as they were asked. In all fairness to the question about knowing someone, I do. I just found out yesterday that the receptionist/bookkeeper at the local doctor's office tested positive. That doesn't mean she caught it there, but she may have. There are only three confirmed cases in my county this lady being one of them. I do not know the other two. We were almost the last county to have a confirmed case (24,000 population).
    In response to the other question about being sick, I was as sick as I have ever been from early December till Christmas Eve.I have never had the flu. I never take a flu shot and pride myself in hardly ever being sick. I had all of the symptoms of the CornVirus too.

  10. 1) Irish, I think you posted the wrong link for moi talking about this.
    You probably want this one:

    2) If you live so far out of the mainstream this isn't affecting you, or barely so, rejoice. Really.
    Just because the shark hasn't personally swam up and bit you in the ass, I can assure you it's actually a thing. I've personally carted several people to the ICU, and at least one of them is deader than canned tuna. Within 48 hours, and he was in his 50s. Not his 80s, 70s, or 60s, his 50s. We've been on lockdown here for 3 weeks (Gee, I wonder why cases here are so much smaller than in places where they're still riding the subways, or held an open air Mardi Gras last month? What could it be? What could it BE?). Some places have been on stay-at-home lockdown less than 2 days. This isn't Ethiopia during a famine, FFS. No one's kids are orange-haired bloated bellied scarecrows covered in flies.
    Grow some balls and deal with it.

    3)NYFC currently has 1800 people dead, and over 7000 have died nationwide in the last three weeks.
    Anybody remember what happened the last time a few thousand people died in NYFC, and what a nothingburger that turned out to be??
    And no, they're not packing everything and the kitchen sink into those stats, no matter what Alex Jones, George Nouri, and the black helicopter/chemtrail/tinfoil hat society posted on their lunatic times dispatch from mommie's basement. With even a single-digit percent mortality, this is killing a lot of people, and that's not even the biggest problem from it.
    But 7000 dead means that there's probably only 1M people who have it yet, out of 330M.
    So, who wants to make sure we jack up the casualty figures 33,000%, right now, so we can have 1-2M dead in a couple of weeks?
    Anybody? Beuller? Ferris Beuller...??
    Go home and read a book or something, or go clean out the garage.

    4) I repeat, if you're currently out of this, and not interacting (or even doing so minimally), this will turn out fine for you. If you don't spaz out about it, and don't start the drumbeat and catcalls for Boogaloo or some other stupidity.
    If you don't want societal meltdown, don't start ringing all the bells to make sure you get societal meltdown.

    Stay frosty, stay smart, and deal with small potatoes, as long as they stay small.
    Five minutes after this is over, it's mostly a blip on the radar for the same 90% of you for whom it's nothing much now. Except with less overseas jobs, and more homegrown production, and hopefully, less opening the floodgates to everybody from anywhere else but here.

    Beat that drum, and I'll subscribe to your newsletter and march in your parade.

  11. January, President's day weekend. Our office works 4 day weeks, 630 - 5. Thursday felt fine but stuffed up, attributed to allergies and hayfever that had been kicking me around all winter.

    Thursday night, about 9, felt tired and went to bed, asleep by 930. This is unusual as on weekends i tend to not get tired till 12 or 1 am. Other than to pee, I was asleep till Saturday morning, horrible joint pain especially in my chest, coughing up gallons of phlegm. And, exhausted. For the next 5 days, if I was awake and upright for an hour, I was asleep for an hour. No appetite even when my stomach was roaring that it wanted food.

    Never had anything like it.

  12. Today was the first day I've been out of the house since the 23rd.

    Went to the grocery store early this morning. It appears that the weakly stocked areas have much improved, except for a couple of places, canned vegetables and spaghetti/spaghetti sauce. Sauce is better, but still not back to pre-Kung Flu levels and there's still not a lot of spaghetti.

    I forgot to check the bleach/cleaners aisle as, by the time I got that far, the store was getting crowded even for early AM on a Saturday. I have several risk factors, so wanted to minimize my time inside.

    This store, a Market Basket, has instituted limited customers inside, with a waiting line outside which was evident when I left. They've also instituted One Way aisles and tape markers on the floor at the checkout lanes to keep separation.

    The city I live in had a major jump in Kung Flu identified cases this past week, going from less than20 to over 50 in a week. IMHO that's due to the large number of people from the state to the south which is the going to be the next major hot spot starting next week. Even though that state has been on quarantine for a couple of weeks their cases and deaths are growing almost exponentially. So whatever they're doing isn't working all that well.

    After I got the groceries put away. I went back out for a ride just to get a change of scenery. Found a gas station that's selling Regular for $1.79 which is about $0.25 cheaper than anywhere else around. It's not on any of the regular routes I travel which is kind of a bummer. But, the price diff makes it almost worth the trip, especially if I go there and right back.

    Anyway that's my story and I'm stickin' to it. ;-))


    1. One more thing. I tried to buy lottery tickets at the service desk at the grocery store. MB has CEASED selling Lottery Tickets in the store. The lady at the service booth told me to got to a convenience store or gas station, if I wanted tickets.

      ..and one more thing. The gas station i stopped at, first time I'd ever stopped there, isn't allowing anyone inside. They sell bear, snacks etc through a window like you'd find at an ice cream store.


  13. Small city <8000 pop.,located in a rural county in West Central Ohio. 1 reported case as of this week.

    "Stay at home" order from Dewine for some time. Essential businesses and jobs open. Restaurants,diners,fast food on carry-out or delivery.

    Honda of America Mfg to our south is still shutdown until April 10.
    Whirlpool/Marion to our east is "essential" and working haven't heard about Whirlpool/Findlay but imagine it's the same.Lots of people here commute to those jobs. Three local factories up and running 24/7.

    Traffic on roads about 2/3 what it is normally. Gas is $1.29.9/gallon as of 4/4.

    I'm retired,so staying home isn't a hardship. Truth to tell ,I'm damned near a hermit by choice anyway.
    Closer to 70 than 60 with various comorbidity(heart stents,hypertension,etc ) So I'm in the group who ought to be careful.So Ive been told. I'll meet them half-way.

    I had some type "crud" in mid January. Fever,fatigue and eventual settling into lungs. Took about 3 weeks of OTC cold remedies, expectorants,rest & plenty of herb teas(Vitamin C (rose hips) and echinacea.

    Won't claim the herb teas did anything other than provide hydration and a placebo effect; but have used them in the past and will continue to do so.

    Grocery stores recovered probably to an 80% level of stock as compared to before the "Great Toilet Paper Panic of 2019". Meat, eggs ,milk bread ,canned goods are all available but not all brands. Have senior shopping hours on set days.

    1. Damn, make that 2020.
      I plead approaching senility and presbyopia.

    2. Thanks for the update.
      SW Ohio stores we regularly go to still have the Venezuela look to aisles for bread, paper roll products, pop-tarts, flour, salt, sugar, oils, vinegar, noodles, tomato sauces and pastes (ref noodles), etc.
      I'm at an "essential" employer in area, been working regular but company did temp layoff of almost 100.
      Roads are noticeably lighter during day, hardly any traffic at late night.
      End the lockdown.

  14. The virus is real. We for a small percentage of the population a true threat to life and health. Nobody can see the future but I'm pretty sure that when this pandemic ends...and it will....the mortality rate will be under 1% and possbly under 0.1% tongue US....maybe higher other places. That is still a LOT of bodies but nowhere near being a threat to humanity. The thread to us is from the REACTION to this. This virus won't kill as many people as we ourselves killed in WWII so it's no threat to humanity. As Stalin said "The death of one is a tragedy, the death of millions is a statistic". Meaning in this virus kills a friend or family member to you it's tragic....but for the rest of society it's just a number. That's how humans cope with things like this....depersonalize things that don't after us.

    The REAL problem is the fear being manufactured and pushed hard by the media whores. Fear that allows their masters in power to do things they could never do otherwise. Crashing the economy also gives politicians power....thus the push to SHUT EVERYTHING DOWN. The depression gave commie FDR far more power than he would ever have had without it. And he used that power to do horrible things....like steal all privately held gold bullion, implement Social Security to force dependency on government as a way of life. So they are trashing the economy now so hey can finish turning everyone into dependent sheep. The virus was created in China....how it got loose is open to debate, but it is the PERFECT "crisis" Obama henchman Rahm Emmanuel talked about. And the power mongers are going to make as much use of it as they can.

  15. Irish: We live in W TN, about 40 miles east of Memphrica. The Gov put us on mandatory lock-down this week, but since we are retired, nothing much has changed. Grocery store once a week and we used to eat out a couple of times a week, but now I will go get take-out once and we eat a sandwich in the car on grocery day. Memphrica has quite a few cases and a few deaths, but they say our peak is coming in he next 10 - 15 days when they expect 165 deaths per day in TN.

    I think the government over-reacted in shutting down the economy while they should have protected those at risk and let everyone else continue with their life. The cure will prove to be much worse than the disease, IMHO.

    1. Update 4/7/20. Yesterday, for some unknown reason, they lowered the death rate to 25/day on 4/18. How can it go from 165 to 25 over the course of a weekend. Do you think they were lying to us to get us to cooperate?

      All of these projections are always massively wrong and it is ALWAYS on the worst case side. Look at what they have been saying about globull cooling/warming/change. It is always doom and gloom, but the worst part stays 10 years out, no matter how long they have been predicting doomsday.

  16. Wife works for state agency, her office has her working from home M/W/F, office Tue/Thurs for filing, etc. I'm medical courier, in and out of 4-9 doctor offices/hospitals 5 days a week. OKC is on voluntary lockdown.

  17. I'm a retired, antisocial, biker that stayed away from everybody except my wife before this shit started the sheeple stampede in the first place. We got meat in the freezer, a lotta stuff from last year's garden, and so far, TP, flour, coffee, etc. hasn't been hard to get at our local Kroger store. I have, and will continue to take the boat out for fresh fish when ever I get the urge, even tho Comrade Prickster, out esteemed ruler over The Peoples Republic of Hellinois closed all the state ramps, the A.C. of E. ramps and city lakes are all open. WTF is more "social distancing" then fishin' FFS?
    I have a complaint with yer damn poll too, where's the "MIDWEST" button? Don't we count?

  18. I caught it somewhere between Phoenix and West Texas after going to Phoenix for Thanksgiving. Had 1st symptoms Dec 10th. Had all symptoms of the Wuhan virus -- loss of taste and smell then everything tasted over salted. Then 4 weeks of coughing up crap before my lungs cleared late January. I am diabetic and have had a heart attack so I guess I am lucky to have survived.

  19. Two years ago, February, my wife ended up in ICU for 5 days. Someone screwed up and discharged her early, they tried to recall her but she refused to go back. At first they said it was pneumonia and sent her home with a PIC line and a month of at home IV antibiotics. After a couple of weeks, the infectious disease Doc said it wasn't pneumonia or she wouldn't have recovered so fast, but he had no idea what it was?

    ---tallow pot

  20. West of Philadelphia, PA here. PA case count 10,444 as of about midnite per Johns Hopkins website. Fatalities 139 to date. Started recording stats as of 3/14 when PA had 47 cases. Doubling rate appears to be between 3 and 4 days on & off. Mean average is 2.59 days, but has much lower numbers early on, skewing the average down. Has been consistently over 3 days since 3/29.

    PA has a "stay at home" thing going on with "non essential" businesses closed. Essentials include food, drugstores, Walmart, Home Depot, Lowes, etc. "Essentials" also apparently include businesses owned by high level politicians, lol.

    Restaurants can do takeout & curbside only. Interesting though, landscapers are considered "essential" (operating under the rubric of building maintenance, I think) so I have seen landscaper crews out cutting grass and putting down mulch. Governor tried to shut down all gun stores, but got phone calls from several state supreme court justices and he rescinded that. Likewise he tried to close rest stations on major highways (the ones that truckers use) and RUMINT is he got a call from somebody much higher up...they opened up for limited service a day later. His plan to put porta-shitters in the parking lots maybe was just not sustainable.

    Kids are all at home, doing "online" school. My neighbors kids come out a few times a day and throw a football around...Recess?

    I worry about small businesses getting thru this. I am friends with a gym owner and he is scared. I have always been a semi-prepper at heart. Minor friction on the home front, but I chuckle at the look on my wife's face when she saw the entire paper aisle cleaned out at the supermarket. The PA system continually plays soothing messages that "the supply chain is fine", but the shelves have been pretty empty for 2 weeks.

    A relatively short drive away is Valley Forge National Park and I have taken many quiet walks there, thinking. I once found a grave of an unknown Revolutionary War soldier in the woods. A bit further away is the Gettysburg Battlefield. I have walked that as well as Antietam in MD. Gives you a lot to think about when you think you have tough times.

    Hanging tough here. Glad I have always been a "semi-prepper"...we are all preppers and homeschoolers now, though.

  21. Friday February 20th I went to the doctor for my yearly physical in great health. I registered and sat down in an empty waiting room, in came a big snotting, coughing and wheezing woman and planted her ass in the chair next to me. Not more than 10 seconds later she turned toward me and exhaled her foul hot breath into the side of my head. On Sunday the 22 I developed a cough that wouldn't stop and was extremely tired. Awoke Monday morning with a low grade fever and an almost constant cough. The crude laid my ass flat for three days, I never had anything like it. By Wednesday, when my fever peeked at 103.9, I'd slept more hours than I'd been awake, very unlike me as I don't tire easily. Thursday I drug my ass out of the house to the shop and off to work, I'm a farmer and I can't afford to be sick. Now over a month later I still feel lingering effects of the shit, my lungs don't feel the same as they did prior to this shit. I'm convinced I had the Coron A, but was told by my doctor no influenza A or B but it was just some sort of weird virus. This was about the time rumors of the Kung Flu started in Michigan and we had a few people in our area with similar stories. P.S. Our governor is a fookin idiot.

  22. Wow.

    Sounds like the woman on our first overseas family vacation - right next to me. 12 hour flight and had this deep, wet gurgly cough. We all got it. As did, I suspect, everyone within 10 feet.

  23. I'm in LA, lower Alabama. Actually in Pensacola, FLA. I work at a chemical (polymer) plant just north of PNS as the laboratory manager. I go to work as part of the essential staff, but can work from home if procedures, methods need updating. Kind of normal here with people going around doing stuff besides work. Beaches are closed (bummer) and breweries, restaurants are open for to go items. There are cases of Covid around us and I know some folks who are quarantined and who have been around it.
    I went to Boston/Beverly MASS last August for business. I went to Woodmen's, took the train/subway to Fenway (too late to get to game), Salem, Notch Brewery, and back home. I went through PNS, ATL, Logan, and DC during the trip. I came home and went to work for several days. I became sick with fever up to 102, chills, aches, and a cough I couldn't get rid of. I was out of work for four days and I rarely get sick. I went to the doc and they said it wasn't the flu or bronchitis. The PA gave me a sideways glance like she didn't want to be around me. Don't know what it was, but don't want that again.
    P.S. - I took the flu shot in 1988 at FSU, got sick, and never took the flu shot again. I have had two incidents of getting the flu or flu like illness including what was just described.
    Be safe out there! po

    1. Shamrock, right in my neck of the woods. I grew up done there on the North Shore. I know Woodman's well.
      I haven't tried the Notch Brewery but I have spent some time on Pickering Wharf :)

    2. Awesome Irish! I'll let ya know if I head that way again for business. Would be glad to buy ya a pint and a dram of your your choice. And if you are ever in the SE and close by, let me know. Slainte' po

  24. Our Ohio guvner, the one with the sign language twin wearing the same eye glasses as he, needs to be called out for him and his health director giving out bad info and guessing with faulty model info.
    They're always on the TV with their daily updates at 1400-ish.
    The Kentucky guvner is on at 1700. He always speaks like a slow talking, over-emphasizing parent or teacher speaking down to dumb children.
    Gettin' his authori-tie on!

  25. Last poll question:
    Was it already here?
    Knew a couple people who had bad flu symptoms Dec and Jan. Someone at job had bad illness, fever.
    Otherwise, myself, my circle, family and relatives all healthy.
    Minor sniffle or sore throats, but nothing like the media,Fed gov, and State guvners playing up.

  26. I don't know what to think.
    There is so much contradictory information. The only true thing at this point is don't believe anything from the prog/communist msm nyt, cnn, msnbc, nbc, abc etc.

  27. adding there are 9 cases where I am in a rural county in Northern Nevada. None have died. People are staying home. 8 of the cases are in the same family group and the other one had traveled outside the county.


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