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Open Thread For Comments On Coronavirus... .ETA Live tracking info

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If you like make note of your state or country so fellow readers can get an idea of what is happening in your area. In the past this medium wasn't available to our ancestors so let's use it.

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Stay safe.... Prepare for the worst...Hope for the best.

Some live tracking sites sent in the comments


  1. You want to pin something, pin Meg Myles.

    And the worst, what little there was of it, seems to be over.

  2. Regarding COD-19 or whatever they are calling it now, they are monitoring 12 people in the county I live in and they just reported the first death from it in the state of Washington.
    Up around the Seattle area.
    Reading the news and commentary about this new thteat one will see all different opinions on it's potential effect on the population at large. Everything from it's no worse than any other fly to OMG We're all gonna die hysteria.
    I will say one thing that I think needs repeating,
    Never Trust The Government.
    They lie, they obfuscate and they mislead on top of being full of ignorant jackasses.

    1. Hi Phil.
      I have been reading some blogs out of california. there is some sick puppies out there. as in: this is going to clean up the streets of the coastal cities like a D880 Cat. as in: surplus population is going to take a big hit when the virus hits. as in: cost of medicare and social security is gonna go down when the virus takes out old people.
      I am sure happy those commenters are not my neighbors.

  3. As a general rule, multiply the numbers by ten, for sick and dead, and that is closer to accurate. Which the gov doesn't want anyone to think about, as Phil observed. This is not over.

  4. First off we all know China is miss teporting the death toll because the number of cremations doesn't match the death toll.

    2nd - China is using the virus as a pretext to round up disidents and take them away.

    3rd - the virus has killed the hong kong protest movement quicker than the Chinese could have hoped for.

    4th - The italian outbreak is centered around the part of italy with lots of chinese migrant fashion industry workers.

    5th - The iranian outbreak is centered around Quoms which has a lot of chinese owned oil processing facilities and lots of chinese.

    6th - The media is hyping it up but saying its no worse than the flu. Seems to be a disconnect.

    7th - deep state did everything it could to bring infected back to USA.

    8th - Some reported irregularities in the virus make up. Though there is disagreement on what that means and why.

    9th - WHO is pushing for drastic restrictions on civil liberties but wants open borders to spread disease.

    10th - CDC taking it serious except for the one fm doctor who is rosenthals sister, she's trying to cause a panic.

    11th - Stock market in a bad way from this.

    12th - shippibg and global production getting hammered.

    13th - Turdeau pushing the idea its not a danger.

    Ok those are my points i think we need to ponder


    1. #9 - Nailed it.

      Why would I have to turn in my guns while you let anyone go everywhere? That doesn't make sense, they are conflicting.

      ... the cognitive dissonance is how you know you're being lied to!


  6. Greetings from sunny Osaka, Japan. I'm here to tell you it's all bullshit. DO THE FUCKING MATH! Latest stats from here >> show 3,000 deaths. More telling is going to the "age" page and you will see that THE GREAT MAJORITY OF DEATHS ARE THOSE OVER 70, and according to other sites, they had pre-existing health problems. So, that makes this just like the freaking flu.

    Here in Osaka there is a tell as to any health problem --- the sirens. Damn ambulances blow them things at night no matter the time, even though there is no traffic after midnight because the trains and subways shut down then. I assure you they have been rather quiet lately. And PM Abe closing the schools? Pure politician, because any perusal of the stats will show that school children are UNAFFECTED BY COVID-19!! In China, as well as everywhere else, the danger is not the virus, the danger is the reactions of fucking idiots that think with their emotions and the immoral politicians that seek to gain by manipulating those emotions. I am fortunate to be in Japan. The people don't panic because they believe the government will take care of them. The only empty shelf here in Osaka? Toilet paper, and masks. Not kidding. Everything else is available in abundance.

    But even here, people are starting to avoid crowds. A few large flea markets have been cancelled, and even in a culture where eating out is the norm, our restaurant on Friday night was half of the normal occupancy. However, Shinsaibashi-suji was still fairly active. My interpreter at Nissay hospital told me they are just using basic flu protocal - wash hands, wear mask, don't touch anyone. The Japanese custom of bowing instead of shaking hands or hugging was created for the purpose of preventing the spread of disease.

    One big change I have noticed on this visit (my first was in 2005, I have been here since Feb. 2018, my previous visit was 2014.) is the number of Chinese. Tourist or otherwise, on the shopping streets or other tourist destinations you hear a lot of Chinese. So, they have been coming here during this whole fiasco, and there are not bodies laying in the streets. I read where many Chinese are coming here to open Japanese bank accounts to get money out of China because Japan has no treaty or restrictions against it. Whatever, they are here.

    What gets me is all of the people that say it is way worse than the gubments are saying. Why do you believe that? Oh, suddenly the fucking media has become trustworthy? Even Zerohedge has turned into a factless fearmonger. Even if the stats were 10x worse than reported, as someone suggested, that would mean your chances of dying from this bullshit would be 7,500,000,000 / 30,000 = 1 in 250,000! And if you are under 70, the odds are exponentially better.



  7. You're getting 10 times the traffic I am, but my blog is barely over one year old so I'm not kickin'. I do get a lot of referrals from your blogroll sidebar and for that I am externally grapefruit.


  8. If your're trying to remove civil liberties from a large segment of the population of the world, a pandemic is a start for isolating individuals, fomenting discord, and justifying the demand for government control. While it may seem to be too large of an area to control, with a small number of very powerful people pulling the strings of governments, and an increasing number of people with access to information, such a move can lead to a control of that information. It doesn't take much to start a panic, letting social media do the damage, and waiting for the anticipated result.

  9. Cali/Santa Clara going full retard with a gun confiscation team.


  10. Ok one more thought.

    The surgeon general says masks are not effective so people shouldn't buy them.

    Then he says they need them to keepmedical staff safe....

    Which is it? Either they are effective for everyone ir not. Its not like the virus only attacks health care workers...


  11. I have family in Florida, Maine, Oregon, Texas, Louisiana, Ohio, West Virginia, Arizona and Virginia.

    In touch with all of them over the last few days. No word of any known cases of corona or regular flu in their areas.

  12. CoronaChan is here. It’s been here. The incubation period is long and we have it all over the country and just don’t know it yet. So what? It kills old people and people with lung disease. Again, So what, the flu and several other viruses do as well. It’s going to be the panic that causes problems, not the disease itself. We freak out over a virus that causes less death than smoking, drunk driving, or household accidents, per annum. Stop. Freaking. Out. Have your preps, enjoy the show. The sheeple will be herded, don’t join the flock.

  13. The Ayatollah's #2 guy croaked from it yesterday in Iran. Maybe the whole Iranian .gov and .mil will go the way of the Dodo and Iran can return to some sort of normalcy among the nations of the world. Could N.K be next?

  14. What do you think?

  15. I didn't buy the BS when it started, and still don't.
    Does anyone else remember seeing on the "News" when the "Ebola" patient was being transferred to a plane by ppl dressed in Haz-Mat suits, then, all of a sudden, a guy in street clothes walked right up to the stretcher?

  16. not a particularly virulent disease? it would be easy to tell if we had access to valid numbers instead of guess work. in the meantime, we can play the worry and panic game the media is so enamored with.

    look to spanish flu of 1918. 102 years ago and we still have no idea of the true magnitude of that particular disaster. estimates only, and they range from twenty million dead to one hundred million dead out of the overall population of 1.6 billion with about half that in the western nations . seriously. no firm numbers just guesses. it is known it started at Fort Riley KS, USA during ww1 and was moved world wide by troop movements during and after the war; that's about all that is known for a fact. crunch the numbers if you will to get the percent range of the overall exposed population who died. think of it as a grade school math test. I do love math.

    With all that in mind recall that today, people can travel faster and further by air and the population is somewhat larger. 7.5 billion. if the death rate was only 0.005% and only half the population became involved how many people would be dead by virus? how about 2% or 3%?

    but not to worry. eventually the virus will mutate. that how it works. but, what if it doesn't mutate into a benign form? what if it mutates into something...extraordinary? there is a worry for you.

    so here is a virus that loves the lungs and intestines and is capable of moving by touch, blood, feces, maybe farts, spit, semen, mucus, aerosols, not sure about urine because kidneys are great biological filters, and able to live in the environment for at least five days after leaving the body, from what has been publicly released. Pretty much what all flu virus does. It is possible it has had some form of genetic manipulation, but that is hearsay. by the numbers presently available, it is at present no more deadly than many other flu we have had come thru the country. all people die. Unhealthy and/or older people die a lot sooner than healthy people. that's life.

    My personal opinion is that people see too many zombie apocalypse movies and read too much fiction which are not based of facts and are basing their reactions on said fictions instead of the realities.
    Panic at will. but remember to wash your hands, a lot.


  18. Field Report - Shopping Trip SNH, 03-MAR Just got back from Wally World, adding to my stock of cold remedies etc. I got the last two combo boxes of Nyquil/Dayquil on the shelf. Other cold remedies in that section looking thin to bare. Got the last box of generic enteric coated baby aspirin which I use for blood thinner. There was one box of name brand baby aspirin left on the shelf. There is a HUGE display of various brands of throat lozenges near the front of the store right at the end of the entrance aisle. I'm talking 6 feet tall x 10 feet long by 18" deep.

    Grocery store, large regional chain, Store brand and name tuna in water stocks getting low. Storage bins for tuna in water have been consolidated into two wire bins the other 6 bins now contain tuna in oil, less expensive brands of sardines out of stock, a name brand of canned mackerel in olive oil has been out of stock for at least 8 weeks. Didn't see any other empty or low slots (like canned vegetables) on shelves anywhere else in the store. Didn't look at the medical supplies aisle.

    1. Also stopped at one the home despots in the area to check on N95 masks. None to be had, this is going on a month at least. I asked one of the clerks if they were expecting any any time soon. She laughed.


  20. This site seems to be legit and updated daily. Lots of data to peruse.

  21. We don't know enough to draw any conclusions, even on whether it's time to panic. There's a lot of information but most of it's contradictory.

    I present the following as my suspicions only.

    Yes, it looks like the virus was created in a lab, with gene sequences from HIV, MERS, and SARS all spliced together neatly. Is it a coincidence that the initial reports came from the city where the Chinese have a biological warfare lab? You tell me.

    The relative lack of lethality, from what is being reported--the Chinese always lie about everything, but I'm not hearing about bodies being stacked in piles on streetcorners for collection in Korea or Japan--make me think this was an experimental research project that got loose rather than a finished biological weapon. People are dying but not nearly enough, nor quickly enough, for this to be a useful war bug. Also this virus seems to be partially ethnically selective due to racial differences in body chemistry ("But they said race was a social construct!") and specifically seems vastly more lethal in East Asians just based on death tolls. I assume from this that the ChiComs are working on something they want to use as a Final Solution to the Uighur Problem, and/or for Taiwan, at least in the near term.

    I'm going to guess, further, that the Chinese biological warfare lab in Wuhan was run the way the Chinese run everything else. I will guess that they had people washing out used plastic petri dishes into the municipal drains and reusing them instead of opening a new case because it would have cost a nickel. I will also guess that whenever management's backs were turned, the workers were stealing everything that wasn't bolted down, from infected research animals to sell as bushmeat in Wuhan's street markets to incubators and other equipment. I am imagining some enterprising janitor just wheeled an incubator out the back door and sold it to some enterprising street vendor who turned it into a rotisserie rat, cat, bat, and monkey roaster, without cleaning it. Mmm, mmm, good!

    Based on this my short-term prediction, which is worth exactly what you paid for it, is that the "pandemic" will fizzle out in a few more months--though it may stack some bodies in a few Seattle, Portland, and San Francisco tent-cities--and the Chinese will go back to the drawing board.

    In the long term? The Chinese aren't going to quit twisting the dragon's tail. They want to get rid of the Uighurs and the Taiwanese in particular, but also the rest of the world. China is a belligerent, militaristic, totalitarian state with ambitions of replacing us as the global hegemon. They're not going to give up biological weapons any more than they're going to give up nukes. Any dagger to hold at the world's throat, they will grasp blindly for in the dark. And, this being China, well. Has anyone here read much Lovecraft? "Do not call up that which ye cannot put down." With COVID19 the Chinese have called up that which they cannot put down. And it's already hurting their economy, it's already cost them. But they're going to keep on grabbing that hot stove. They're going to keep on sticking their dicks in that toaster. They can't help themselves. They're going to keep on playing with that pretty, pretty fire. This time they didn't turn loose Captain Trips. Will we be so lucky next time?

  22. Just returned from a trip to Cambodia. Left on Feb 4 and returned on the 20th. Flew through Hong Kong. Not considered mainland China, but it's not an island. Took charcoal filter masks, heavy duty sun goggles, Lysol, Lysol wipes, and hand sanitizer. Didn't touch anything. Didn't shake hands with anyone, sprayed the shit out of everything on the whole empty row of seats on the plane.

    Have a new house in a remote village in Cambodia and we were worried that we could possibly wipe out a whole village. Didn't happen. Two week self quarantine is over.

    The global maps on the virus show there was only one case in Cambodia and the person has healed. Speaking with my friend there last week she said 6 people there have died, but they're not allowed to talk about it to outsiders, by orders of the government. The Cambodian president was a member of Pol Pot's regime so we can figure out what will happen if the people get caught talking.

    We decided, don't panic, but don't be stupid either and touch anything or anyone, and wash up often.

    The Chi Coms are taking over Cambodia, so the rate is probably much, much higher than either known or reported.

  23. Hey, don't want to be redundant but you can always eat the food and shoot the bullets later.

  24. Coronavirus COVID-19 Global Cases by Johns Hopkins CSSE Interactive Map.

  25. 3 months food, ammo and everything else.

  26. There are more fancy ways, but the plumbers' secrets work and are more memorable,

    "Water flows downhill; poop floats; payday is Friday; wash your hands be fore you pick your nose".

    Hospital wards, emergency room, commercial aircraft, department store, mass transit. Don't touch your face or food before you wash (or sanitize) your hands. Masks? If there are lots of people and lots of problems, unless they are paying you (a LOT), don't be there.

    Mostly, washy, washy, washy.


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