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Saturday, December 21, 2019

Well Worth Watching Yvette Bronx discussing the tyranny Virginians are facing in a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary County

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  1. Irish my man, download and embed it here.
    Thanks for the link but put it up here so maybe it will go viral!

  2. 90% of VA's counties have declared themselves 2nd Amendment sanctuaries (howzat for turning the enemy's tactics agin him?) and now LEOs and ARNG soldiers will not enforce it if Governor Blackface so orders.

    Let's see how blue VA is.

  3. She was righteous, she spoke the unadorned truth. I hope that the people who supported what she said was not because they were on the same side but that her words were aligned with the original intent of the Founders. The former is fickle and may turn this or that way. But the latter shall remain as the standard of how we judge ourselves as Americans.


  4. Hi Irish,


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