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Saturday, December 21, 2019

A Tale Of 2 Browsers...

 A few weeks ago I noted that the "reaction" buttons for each post keep getting lowered/deleted. This morning the FFF post was at 20 likes and 10 more please.

I know it's not a big deal and the feed back from comments and private emails is always positive on most of the items Jeffery and I put up here to share.

Anyway, here are two quick snapshots taken at the same time about 5 minutes ago:

Firefox ( which, at 5:30 am showed 20 likes and 10 more please ) now shows this:


Just an interesting observation give the fact that some posts get 4 digit hits.

Enjoy your weekend and stay safe................


  1. Using the Brave browser on mobile, I don't even see the reaction boxes.

  2. Hey Irish;

    That is why I like the "Pale Moon Browser". It is based on the firefox architecture but different. on my other computer I use the "Defender" browser from Gab.

  3. Firefox Nightly on Android doesn't show reaction boxes either.

  4. After blogging for nearly 20 years now, I'll say that I long ago gave up on traffic stats. That your comments run higher than the typical 1/10 of 1% is great. Be happy with that.


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