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Friday, November 15, 2019

Sad News Over At Wirecutter's...

  Charliegodammit passed away suddenly and unexpectedly.

Stop over if you like and let Kenny know your thinking of him and Miss Lisa.

We've all read the stories about this culprit:

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  1. Are you fucking kidding me?!
    That damn dog was a huge part of the blog.
    Jesus, Kenny must be beside himself. Thanks for the heads up, heading over there now.

  2. Sad. Thanx for the tip. I saw his post. Wonder what was the cause?

    1. I don't know if he stroked up or had a heart attack, Scott. He'd been fine all day but suddenly he started howling and became unresponsive. It was that quick, so I know he didn't suffer.

  3. Thanks for posting this, Irish. He was a great dog, the best I'd ever had.

  4. I know how it feels to lose your best buddy. Lost my Blue Heeler in Feb 2001. The hole never filled.

  5. Just checked back and saw 285 responses already. Shows how many people really care and understand the hole in our heart when we lose a dog. Just lost my 14 yr old puppy 2 weeks ago and I reminded my girls that it only hurts so much because it was so great while it lasted.

  6. I commented over on Kennys. With all the BS we hear and see everyday the loss of a great friend and companion makes it that much more dismal.

  7. I saw this at Ken's as well, and was heartbroken for them. Because I think we all know just how tough it can be to lose a friend and member of the family. Thanks for posting this here, also. Everyone that knows Wirecutter will want to know.

  8. I am so sorry - no words

  9. Best name for a dog ever. Sorry to hear the news.

  10. He didn't die, he just crossed the Rainbow Bridge. I don't give a damn what any con artist clergy man or woman of the scam called organized religion says. Animals have souls as well as people. No creature that loves and receives love can ever truly die. You will meet your beautiful hound again.


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