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Saturday, October 19, 2019

One of my turkey hunting pards, Timber, scored a nice buck with his bow and arrow Friday evening not far from where I live. In the photo is a tracking dog that helped locate this monster after he was shot

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  1. Absolutely awesome. I got a relatively huge Blacktail some years ago, but mine pales in comparison. I'm pretty impressed with how large Eastern whitetails are, compared to Mule deer and Western Blacktails.

    1. Where I live here in northwest Alabama, we have two sub-species of whitetails. Around 1900 deer were almost extinct in Alabama (some estimates believe there were less than 200). State conservation officials started a restocking program in the early 1920's using Michigan whitetails in what today is a national forest here. I think then it was called the Alabama Forest. This species is a larger framed deer than the native whitetails of Alabama. This is what is seen here. Typically, deer from here are much larger bodied with bigger racks than deer found in the southern part of Alabama. Restocking efforts of deer and turkey were very successful. When I was growing up in the 70's and 80's there would be some seasons when I did not even see a buck. Shooting doe deer was illegal except by bow hunting or during a three day muzzleloader season. Things have really changed for the better in the last twenty-five years. For the last several years we have either sex gun hunts several days per season.


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