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Saturday, October 19, 2019

DIY Oil Lamps For Emergencies And Other Reasons

Though the power company does a much better job trimming limbs and trees back from the transmission lines, we still have plenty of deadfall during high winds and storms that take down lines leaving us without electricity for hours and sometimes days. We keep plenty of "coal oil" (as my grandparents called them) lanterns handy. We keep several hurricane lanterns on the front porch and in the backyard for lighting and insect control. In those we burn "off road" diesel fuel. For me, it works as well as the Citronella Lamp Oil and is a lot less expensive. We take the same lanterns camping for the same purposes. Anyhow, here are some pretty neat lamp, wick, and fuel ideas.  I had a similar post a while back, but though it prudent to post again.

burning DIY oil lamp

The tips can be found by clicking HERE.


  1. Stuff a wick in a large can of Crisco and it will burn for three days straight.


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