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Thursday, April 25, 2019

Bully for Burrillville! I bet the libtards in Rhode Island didn't see it coming.


“85 years of Democratic rule has led to laws passed in Providence that really do not do the taxpayer of this state — or the resident of this state — any good. They’re designed to make the fat-cat lobbyists who have most the Representatives and Senators in their pockets there happy.  We’re also accustomed in Rhode Island to having unfunded mandates pushed out to us at the town level which often result in higher property taxes for our residents. If you look at every major ranking in the U.S., RI ranks at the bottom — we’re the least competitive and highest taxed,”

I imagine we will start to see more and more of this. People are fed up with BureauKatz getting fat from fines, penalties, taxes, legal bribes, more ridiculous restrictions/laws, etc. with nothing but misery and less freedom for the common man. I believe Councilman Donald Fox said it best in the above quote. I imagine the next angle of attack for the leftist commies of the state and federal Kremlins will be to withhold funding for such "rebels". Then I imagine the "rebels" will counter with "if you aren't going to allocate any money to our town (county, state, etc.), then we are just going to stop paying taxes". Things like this happen when good people grow tired of being served shit sandwiches at Lobster tail prices.

Read the whole story HERE.

H/T to Bob in Kentucky


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