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Sunday, March 24, 2019

That First Day Above 50 degrees And You're Happy To Take Your Bike Out.....


  1. About as stupid as the post under this one. Just fucking ignorant.

    1. Feel free to not stop back.

    2. Hey Irish, Did you think that a simple post was going to draw so much ire from so many of us who are so opinionated? Sometimes, it is the simplest ones that get the most attention. Whatever you do, don't mention 9-11 and some of the inconsistencies with that. You will have to delete the entire thread, to get any peace. Seriously, though, it is sometimes fun to debate these issues. It would be better to debate them with people who brought more than just the argument of "well you are a ninny" to the table. But that is sometimes all they have. Name calling, while effective when you are a 1st grader, tends to not really work when you become an adult.

    3. Monrin' pigpen, Many of us don't trust the narrative from TPTB and/ or the media. How many times have we seen something happen and instantly the media starts spouting out what we are supposed to think then a few days go by and the truth comes out. As technology has grown and the days of instantaneous info being spread across the web there are those that will doubt the "narrative" and rightly so. It's good to be skeptical. There are interesting viewpoints and investigative work done that shakes what the MSM is telling us on lots of these things. 9/11, climate change, las vegas, jussie smollet, the fake mail bomber in the van, the boston marathon bombing, sandy hook. There are plenty of sites to read both sides of the argument on those and plenty more. There is also enough interesting evidence to question the propsed "truth"

      My take on mass shootings and what is behind them is the almost instantaneous call for disarming the law abiding citizens that did nothing and whose guns will never be used unless needed. How many times has the media YEARNED for it to be a rabid right wing trump supporter?

      Anyway, I think you get my drift :)

      As far as the guy on the bike, he's fucking talented no doubt about it. He's also a douchebag and has a death wish for driving like that on a public road with the regular populace that are a bunch of idiots anyway. He's got balls for sure and I think that's why we watch these things. I would be pissed if he did that by my car. He is taking risk of injuring an innocent by-stander at which point he should have the book thrown at him. Unless is was some libtard then I would laugh.

    4. I get on a roll sometimes and spew without really thinking. I don't trust the MSM when they say good morning. I hear people say how they miss the days when Walter Cronkite would just read the news and not try to steer it, and I laugh. The don't remember the Vietnam war like I do, and how he was personally involved in moving the American public to turning against it.
      But the guy on the bike? I knew a guy older than me, in high school, who did that, in our high school parking lot. He was very good, but did not go on the road to do it. It does seem irresponsible for that guy to do it on the road.
      I do feel bad for the people who are doing the investigative work on some of the events of the day, only to be crucified by the media as conspiracy theorists, for merely asking questions. You have to be a strong person to delve into some of the things. Some people have been known to disappear doing that. Ask Hillary. But it's Monday, the sun is shining here in Michigan, and I don't have any chores or running to do. Life is good. Have a great day.

  2. From Anon in CA: I used to do wheelies on my 1100 Suzuki (30 years ago) but nothing like that. Very impressive.

  3. That boy has a SERIOUS death wish. Doing crap like that - on a machine as heavy as a Harley no less - is LOONY!!! Doing it in traffic is even LOONIER! PLUS! He is bare headed and bare backed! Call me what you guys will, gut that dude is a candidate for a Darwin Award or at least an honorable mention.

  4. I share Wheelie Dude's enthusiasm, and admire his talent.
    But, I wonder what that does to the engine lubrication?
    Is the pickup in sump starved or covered?
    Is the oil pump sucking foam?
    Asking for a friend.


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