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Sunday, March 24, 2019

Let This Sink In ......


  1. Go easy, that poor tranny is obviously insane. He needs psychiatric care.

  2. Want to see her descent into mental illness? Contrast this picture with one from her high school/early college years. It's a remarkable (not in a good way) transformation.

  3. She is not crying because President Trump didn’t comment treason. She is crying because his not committing treason shattered her dreams. She thought that she would inherit the mantle of “Dean of Journalists” from Woodward & Bernstein, after having bravely exposed the corrupt, colluding Trump. And now the Mueller has shattered that dream of being First among the Journalists, and having the rest of the Journalists bow down to her superior intuition & sleuthing. Such a reputation would have set her up for the rest of her career, and given her career a rocket ship like arc (see how Woodward & Bernstein are treated by the rest of the media & Hollywood). Instead, she is facing the realization that she will be considered a media hack who ranted on with a two year case of TDS.


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