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Sunday, March 24, 2019

For those struggling with windshield vs. gunshot dynamics, properties, physics, etc.


  1. Really good videos. The second one = excellent & instructional!

  2. Notice that the windshield does not completely blow out or shatter. Rounds passing through from inside the vehicle punch relatively small, fairly clean holes through thw laminated glass.

    If you watch the gif of the NZ shooter shooting through his windshield, you'll also notice that he shoots at an oblique angle. It looks like a large part of the shot is deflected by the glass towards the left side window of the vehicle. Glass is hard, and lead is soft. Coming from an oblique angle, a large portion of the shot bounces off.

    1. It seemed to me that they all bounced off......?

  3. I'm surprised by how quit the shots are in the vehicle. When i first watched it I assumed by the noise the shotgun was a 22.


  4. I saw a few unsafe things. I would not use this as a how to video.

  5. LOL. Some of us don't need to go to YouTube to find out what shooting through a windshield looks like.

    You should STFU.

  6. Beautiful girl, ugly mouth. Looks like the last bass I caught.


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