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Thursday, December 13, 2018

Write The Punchline.....

h/t to reader Joe


  1. and the Bartender says, "I told you fellas already, we don't serve Democrats!"

  2. Is this one like ole Nancy Pelosi and Chuckles Schummer in the bar with the big dog. And the town is all abuzz about the big dog in the bar with two azzholes? Dang, give these dipschitz a dog, and the whole town would be talking about a REALLY RARE sighting of a dog with FOUR AZZHOLES.

  3. Bartender says "Whaddya have?". Muslim says "I'll have a beer and one for my transy friend of his/her preferred gender pronoun". Transvestite says "Well, I NEVER!". Rapist says "Would you like to?". Satan looks at the bartender and says "He is Deplorable!". The bartender smiles, puts on his MAGA hat, and says "So am I!".

  4. Bob that was awesome

    Mike high in AZ


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