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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

It starts a little slow, but endure. The video turns to awesome in just a bit.

                                                                          There is that possibility they might be.

H/T to Scott at Lakeshore


  1. Dude has done his homework and knows his shit but TWO HOURS AND FORTY FUCKIN" MINUTES?!!
    Holy shit.
    I watched this after a ten hour workday and gotta admit I dozed off a couple of times.
    I agree with almost everything the guy says, I only have a couple of minor quibbles, nothing that isn't maybe a different viewpoint or maybe a shortcut he took.
    I also had to chuckle to myself that he seemingly deliberately stayed away from recommending Qanon Reasearch on 8 Chan as a place to go until the very end of the video. Actually a smart move. That is where Q makes his drops but it isn't for the weak or what most people would consider normal to be.
    All in all I would give this a thumbs up but it is definitely a bit much to digest all at once if you are new to the subject and at almost three hours, you gotta be pretty damn interested in finding out what's been going on to sit through the whole thing.
    He does have his facts right though and told the tale the way I have seen it unfold first hand.
    Thanks for posting it Jeffery.
    I will be very much looking forward to his next video to see what he thinks about what has been going on lately, I will just make sure I watch it on one of my days off.
    Trust The plan my dude, these fuckers are going down, finally.
    I just hope I live long enough to see the perp walks.

  2. Thanks for stopping in Phil and thank you for the fair review. I'll agree it is LONG. The only way I could watch was in segments (another suggestion is to listen to the audio while driving. I hope and pray you are right when you say you hope these "f*(K@rs" are going down and I also hope GITMO is filled with traitors to the Republic, order is restored, and the rule of law is restored by honest patriots. God Bless These United States.
    Deo Vindice


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