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Monday, December 3, 2018

Would America Be Better Off Without the Second Amendment? (From Media Bias Monthly)

Dear Readers, Subscriber, and other parties:

Lately there has been a lot of bluster about repealing the 2nd Amendment. 
The Washington Post recently published an article entitled "The terrible 
numbers that grow with each mass shooting" by Bonnie Berkowitz, 
Denise Lu and Chris Alcantara, (Updated Nov. 9, 2018) 

"It looks at the 158 shootings in which four or more people were killed by a 
lone shooter (two shooters in a few cases). It does not include shootings 
tied to gang disputes or robberies that went awry, and it does not include 
domestic shootings that took place exclusively in private homes. A broader 
definition would yield much higher numbers."

"The 1,135 people who were killed came from nearly every imaginable race, 
religion and socioeconomic background. Their ages range from the unborn 
to the elderly; 186 were children and teenagers. In addition, thousands of 
survivors were left with devastating injuries, shattered families and 
psychological scars."

Wow, 1,135 Americans have been killed by other Americans in "mass shootings," 
this is tragic. Indeed, for every person killed in a "mass shooting" there are tragic 
losses. Someone loses a friend or a loved-one and in the words of Joseph Stalin, 
"The death of one man is a tragedy, the death of a million men is a statistic." 

Perhaps Bonnie Berkowitz, Denise Lu and Chris Alcantara are of the opinion that 
the United States of America should be more like other countries around the world 
which prohibit the private ownership of firearms. The leftist-socialist aristocracy of 
today's America believe only the ruling-intellectual classes should be in possession 
of firearms, and even these will be wielded by "trained professionals" who magically 
understand the complex nature of defensive firearm usage.

The pundit and ruling-intellectual classes pine for America to adopt a  firearms 
ownership policy "more in line with Europe and other countries." How would 
America's mass shooting body-count look by comparison? Here is a list of countries 
where the population did not (does not) have a 2nd Amendment and their death 
totals (+/-). 

Killed by the Japanese: 60,000 Koreans, 6 million Chinese, (not including Filipinos, 
Malaysians, Burmese, and others) 
Killed by the Germans: 6 million Jews, 21 million Russians, (not including Poles, 
Yugoslavians, French, Greeks, and others).
Killed by the Soviets: 10 to 20 million Ukrainians, 2 million Afghans,  
Killed by the Communist Chinese: 30 million Chinese, (and still counting).
Killed by the Rwandans: 800,000 Rwandans
Killed by the Yugoslavians:  585,000 to 2 million (WW1 and WW2, Kosovo, too 
many conflicts and ethnic groups to count, just skip it.)
Killed by the Cambodians: 1.6 to 1.8 million Cambodians

At this point the deaths of people who were never allowed to own their own guns 
could stand from 78 million to 87 million not including how many other wars, conflicts, 
and perpetrated by how many despotic governments around the world? 

Would America be better off without the 2nd Amendment? Let's see, 1,135 killed 
compared to 78 million to 87 million. As the old saying goes, "You do the math."

"Firearms stand next to the constitution itself. They are the 
American peoples' liberty teeth and keystone of independence" 
-- President George Washington

for Media Bias Monthly,

John D. Long, Editor


  1. I'm one of those deplorables to whom which the 2nd amendment wouldn't matter anyway. I have a God given right to self defense and I will use whatever implements and technology are available to secure that right.

    In other words, even if guns were completely outlawed, I would make my own.
    And the gun powder.
    And the cartridges.
    More than likely that would be a scatter gun because that is the easiest to make.
    So these dumb bastards and their trying to wish away Teh Guns are absolutely fucking delusional to think that the rest of us Americans would just sit by and wait for the executioner of their choice.
    Not gonna happen. The best defense is a good offense and I can be very offensive when I want to be.

  2. America would cease to be America without the 2nd Amendment...

  3. The Second Amendment will never be repealed, BECAUSE of the Second Amendment.

    The founders of the Constitution weren't stupid.

  4. About those stats, which are a joke

    Start with Japan - 6 million Chinese are combat casualties, toss in ~20 million civilians, a million Filipinos et al, for a grand total of ~30 mil

    Germany - 6 million Jews, plus ~8 million Untermenschen for a total of 14 mil, plus Allied combat casualties

    Russia - those 20 mil attributed to the Krauts*? Tack them onto the ~15 mil Ukranians for prewar murders, 5 mil in WWII (human mine detectors, penal battalions (wearing regular fatigues while everybody else wore white), etc), another 10 mil from resettlement, purges in Eastern Europe

    Red China - double the 30 mil

    Cambodia - double that, too

    North Vietnam - another 3 mil

    As your own item noted, unarmed people are easier to herd into cattle cars.

    1. Yep although the 60M for communist China might still be a bit low

  5. * In the 30s, when Uncle Joe wanted something to brag about, so he wanted the '37 census to show a population of 180 mil. Sad to say, the count came in 20 mil short, due in no small part to unreported deaths in the removal of the kulaks, famine, assorted purges, and other joys of the proletariat.

    How to account for the shortfall? Well, in the 40s, there were some uninvited guests who threw a wild party during which a few people fell out the window into the pool, so the books finally balanced.

    PS It wasn't considered safe to take a census again until '59.

  6. Hmm, those evil automobiles and other motor vehicles account for 40,000 deaths annually in the US, and there's no constitutional right to have one. Why aren't the libtards going after them?

  7. Don't forget swimming pools. They kill far more children annually than all types of firearms in the US combined.

  8. Please pray for our children. Satan is on his way.


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