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Thursday, December 6, 2018

♫♫ Right Place.. Wrong Time.. ♫♫


  1. I remember him on some late night TV show on Friday nights. He was doing "Such a Night", and walking around throwing handfuls of glitter from a big bag of it he had over his shoulder.

  2. Music is a funny way to make a living. You turn yourself inside out to come up with something innovative and creative that nobody has heard before and then you play it Forever. Every show. For. The. Rest. Of. Your. Life.

    I've heard Joe Walsh comment on it a couple of times. One time I saw him getting interviewed on TV and the Anchor Babe was saying something about how listening to Hotel California never got old and he quipped, "it gets old for us in the band". Another time he was talking about probably his most famous song from the James Gang days, Funk #49, and said, "If I'd known I'd be playing it forever I would have done a better job of writing it".

    They say the key is not to practice a piece until you get it right, but to practice it until you can't get it wrong. When you play it at every show for 45 years, like this, you get there.

  3. Walsh is quite an entertaining guy. I've met him a few times at Ham Radio events, and he's always a chuckle.


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