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Friday, December 21, 2018

This is "THEIR" creed and Biden speaks it like a dyed in blue NWO Globalist


  1. You spelled globalist wrong Jeff...hehe

  2. Hi Irish,
    'Ol Jo-Jo ain't thinkin' too clear!!! There's only so many square feet of "DIRT" in these here United States and I'm wonderin' where ol' Jo-Jo plans on stackin' those immigratin' bodies?? Even an old fashioned "OUT HOUSE" can tolerate only so much shit then ya' got a problem!!! 'He don't got that????
    He's already got enough "Dead People" votin' to win any election he wants!!! "AND" He forgets ol' "Margi Thacher's" famous line...."Sociaism is a great political system... until you run out of 'Other People's MONEY!!!!" Sooner more likely than later you will have squeezed the turnip dry and as the sayin' goes... ya' can't get blood out of a turnip!!

    MEANWHILE!!!!!! Back at the Ranch!!... It wasn't rainin' when Noah started buildin' da' "ARK!!!!!" Remember a short while back someone posted on the net a foto of ol' obunghole with his finger up his nose and the caption read that,"During every 30 seconds of his presidency from the moment he raised his right hand till Trump raised his..... every 30 seconds (24/7/365!! '66 on leapyear) he sold an AR-15 (it or some config. of!!) I forget the thousands... or was it millions but ... do the math!!!!!!

    "NOW!!!!!!" along with the AR's Olin Math'.... and the boys can't spin brass and make gunpowder fast enough!! Remember... It's Us "HATER'S" who bought all those gunz!!! The Panty assed, diaper class can't even draw a picture of, or eat a pop-tart into the shape of one (Although the one they all freaked out about really looked more like the state of Idaho than a gun!!) ...than pick up one and shoot it!!!!!!

    So, keep it up Jo-jo...... yer' out house runneth' over...

    Audentes, Fortuna, Ivqat!!!,

    PS Go read "Cold Anger" @ https://theconservativetreehouse.com posted 25SEP2015by sundance nuff' said.

  3. Thanks Chief! I'll blame it on too much beer last night! LOL


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