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Saturday, December 22, 2018

Now that is wanting "some", ain't it? ( Link Fixed )

Disgraced NY Governor Eliot Spitzer is alleged to have smuggled a $5,000 per night hooker into his home concealed inside a suitcase over fifteen times during an ongoing affair with a Russian sporting lady and there were times when this allegedly occurred FOUR times a week. First of all I'd like to ask how anyone could and would afford to pay $20 GRAND a week for the company of a woman? Secondly, where is the public outcry? This was after all an elected DEMOKRAT Governor of the state of NY.

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She definitely is "suitcase size". 

Read more HERE.


  1. Hm.....clicked on the "here" tab.....ACCESS DENIED!!!!!! Did my wife get ahold of that tab!?!?!? Or don't I have enough money to get ahold of that suitcase stuffer????


    1. Fox likes to keep changing their links for some reason. Keeps undesireables like us from reading their stuff.

  2. Well yeah, she's gonna be expensive. Things always are when you buy the smaller sizes instead of the large economy bargains........

  3. Hell, that's just petty cash for a corrupt democrat.

  4. (((Spitzer))) had Jew Privilege. It is better than White Privilege. With JP, you have no accountability, and if you are called out on anything untoward, you just call the person an 'anti-semite/Nazi/jew-hater'.


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