Saturday, December 1, 2018

December First....


  1. The grumpy old bastard across the street had one up the day after Thanksgiving.
    Must be the wimmin's over there made him do it.
    Looks like I have another week reprieve.
    It took a while but I finally got the Wifely Unit trained.
    You ant a tree?
    You go pick the sonofabitch out and pay for it.Come back and tell me where it is and I'll go pick it up.
    I bring it in the house and gt it in the stand. I am done until it is time to take it back outside.
    Still can't talk her into getting one in a box but I'm working on it. These things take time.

  2. my wife made me go get out our 60 lb front door wreath. she straighten it up put on new ribbons. i put the havey sumbitch on the door. hooray, christmas decorations done for me, until jan 2 when i have to put the huge heavy relic back in its bag and box.

  3. My boy put up the outside decorations. Next, the inside ones. It's nice to have a 13 year old . . .

  4. I caught a break. My wife's eyes have gotten so bad she decided that it wasn't worth her trouble to try to decorate and I obviously can't be depended on to do it right seeing as I'm a man...
    I think she's still pissed over the time I hung our tree with bass lures instead of Christmas ornaments.

  5. Two words folks . . . Hanukkah Menorah !!!!


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