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Wednesday, November 7, 2018


I won't go on...........


  1. Fuckin' Pelosi? Jesus H Christ. I hope there's some monumental infighting in their party. I've read that a lot of their members have pledged not to vote for her.

    And a really sad scene was seeing Jarad Polis win the gov race in CO. Man, that used to be a solid red state. He'll make Hickenlooper look like Reagan.

  2. 4 Senate seats means Trump keeps appointing Federal judges. The House majority is razor-thin (1 seat, if you buy Politico) for the Demos and, oh, so many psychos.

    Doubtless comedy gold and a good many targets for '20.

    1. Hi Ed,
      Funny thing you should say "THAT" word....... "Targets!!"
      Pal!!!!..... it is the eve of "Ft. Sumter"
      "The Lull before the storm"

      What used to be a "line in the sand" evolved into a serious crack and is now a major "CHASM!!"....and "HELL" is at the bottom..... 'remind's me of an old "T.S. Nast" political cartoon from post Civil War Daze... about "Andersonville."
      I'll leave you with that... do some goglin' on Nast and Andersonville... You will be "Enlightened!!"

      Blue skies,
      Black Death!!!!

  3. Pelosi won't last the first year. She's obviously demented, her party has no leadership, and allowing her to stay as speaker will end in huge losses in 2020.

    1. Just because she's demented doesn't mean she won't hold on.

  4. Where was your header picture taken?

  5. How 'bout a big round of applause for Paul Ryan! His party re-took the House!...

    ...OK; enough about the RINO... Let's go look at the lions...


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