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Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Here's A Clip Of Bitter Clinger ,Deplorable,Gun Toting, Fascist, Fake News Watching, Teabagger, Rascist Trumpkins That Needs To Be Shared......

Trump Stops Missouri Rally for 8 Minutes After Woman Faints...Crowd Sings Amazing Grace!

You can scroll through if you like. As Trump waits for her to be attended to, the crowd
starts singing at the 6:45 mark.

This is America.....


  1. I watched it online. People can say what they want about Trump, but he handled that situation with candor and humbleness. There will be those who say he capitalized on a "bad situation", but I believe he did the right thing with sincerity and a lot of class. I tuned into the CNN (commie news network) this morning to see if they'd even mention this act of kindness. Of course they did not and all they could piss and moan about was how Sean Hannity said he would never campaign for Trump but did last night and how FOX, whose slogan is "fair and balanced", is really a mouthpiece for the right and they, along with Trump, are to blame for all of the division in our country today. I know I am "wishful thinking", but I detected defeat on the CNN panel's faces and in their voices. If Trump loses, he will be the liberal media's "guy who gets the blame". If he wins, he will not receive one iota of credit for the "RED WAVE" from those Godless commie-heathens who live in fantasy world.

  2. America-Fcuk Yeah!

    Or like the poster in my room says
    We will cross a frozen river in the middle of a blizzard to kill you in your sleep.
    In the dark.
    On Christmas.
    We've done it.

  3. Could you make that banner avaible for reposting?
    Wpukd like for my fb banner....

  4. Send me an email. It’s on my side bar. Thanks!!

  5. Thanks Irish, this is the first place I have seen this today been a lot of places also.

    1. BCCL That’s because the media arm of the DNNPC would not have wanted you to see it.

  6. I voted for President Trump but not happily. I am in Michigan, and knew the stakes would not allow for a symbolic 3rd party vote. After he won, which I expected, I found myself at times being unhappy that I had to become a defender of all the things he was doing.
    However, now I can honestly say that I am super happy that I voted for him. He has his flaws, and they are many. But at a moment like that, when he does something like he did, he makes me proud of our nation for having a president like Donald Trump.
    I have no doubt in my mind that Obama would have somehow made it all about him. President Trump did not do that, but touched the exact tone needed for something like that.
    I look forward to the day that I can vote for him again.

  7. Yep, this IS America, bottom line...


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