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Thursday, November 8, 2018

A Couple Questions From The Inbox...

Morning All,

   A few readers have asked about the header.
 Does anyone recognize the cliff in the background and where it is?

Also, another reader asked if there is a real poster of this that you can buy:




  1. Cliff looks like the cliffs in the Canyon de Chelly in Arizona

  2. It proudly hangs in my bedroom. I actually had my photographer PS one, blow it up and laminate it for me many years ago.

    And no I'm not 15, if I told you how old I was, you'd start wondering why I never grew up.

  3. Winter hiking in Zion National Park.

  4. It kinda looks like Zion but where in Zion specifically? I hike there about two weeks a year and can't place it. It doesn't look like the main valley or any of the major trails but possibly the East side. The problem is that it is a bit of a narrow view and could be anywhere in Southern Utah or even parts of Northern Arizona.


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