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Saturday, June 23, 2018

It's Been Known To Happen....


  1. Yeah, that'd be me. I'm that way in the kitchen too. But that's my wife's fault. She decides to move stuff around without telling me. I think it's an attempt to drive me crazy. I think it's working.

  2. I stole this for my Facebook page and a buddy commented, "I kept getting two drawers confused, so I swapped the contents. It didn't help."

  3. Yep. Even have the same tool box.

  4. I just Lol'd big time.
    I have three full size roll away's, have had them for twenty years at least, and can never find a damn thing.
    After we moved the last time, I gave my kid a huge roll away full of tools because I didn't have room for it and ever since I am constantly looking for those tools because "I know I had one of these".
    Drives me up the fucking wall because it causes me to open EVERY FUCKING DRAWER on THREE roll aways until I realize I gave what I am looking for to my kid.

  5. Too funny! I just moved my multiple tool boxes into a roll away and do the same thing ... open all the drawers but I am getting better since they are mostly organized by tool type.


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