Saturday, May 5, 2018

90 Year Old Herschel McGriff Sr. Returns To NASCAR Racing This Weekend

Herschel will make history being the oldest person to ever compete in a NASCAR race this weekend. Give 'em Hell Herschel. I try to thank the Good Lord every day for being able to get up and down these hills and hollers where I live. There are many younger than me who are in poor physical condition (most of it could be averted of course some cannot). I ran into two "seniors" here this week who were in very good condition for their ages. I asked the first, Hillard, how he was doing and he replied fine except that he had hurt his back some running a bulldozer last week. He is 80, The other was 79 years old and he has a fairly large truck farm and beekeeping operation. He told me some people might think it is too much for someone his age, but went on to say that as long as he felt like doing it he would continue. I am a firm believer in staying busy in both body and mind. Men like these two and Herschel are an inspiration. Good luck Herschel!

More on Herschel HERE.

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  1. Are you fucking kidding me?
    Right On Herschel!!
    I actually met the gentleman once, many years ago in Portland Ore. Met his kid too.
    I got his autograph and a bunch of pictures and things and gave them to my Dad on his birthday. ( He used to race cars and motorcycles)'He wasn't impressed and claimed not to know who Herschel was!!
    How do you race cars in the Pacific Northwest and not hear about Herschel for Chrissakes?!
    The dude is a legend.
    I may actually have to catch some of that race, I quit watching the silly bastards years ago when they started pandering to the women. It fell off a cliff shortly afterwards and has never recovered.
    Politically correct pussies don't stay true to their roots, fuck 'em.


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