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Monday, April 30, 2018

"I reckon so"

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Everything one needs to know about foreign policy can be learned by watching the three-minute negotiation scene between the Rebel outlaw and the Comanche chief in the film “The Outlaw Josey Wales.”
Wales offers both life … and death … with utmost sincerity, and because the outlaw is willing to die in battle, the warrior chief Ten Bears believes he is willing to live in peace. And so they live together, in peace.
President Donald Trump’s similar stance with the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un may have yielded similar results.
Here’s why:
Trump’s strategy with Kim has been obvious: The president is willing to go to war and he’s willing to settle for peace. The choice is all up to Kim, and Trump is deadly serious about either option. Read more HERE.

Exit question: Will Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un seal the pact by slicing their palms and mingling their blood? Never say never with this guy …


  1. ...and the real reason behind Kim's sudden change of direction is...starvation! Trade sanctions made their already desperate situation far worse. With the asian crop disasters due to the grand solar minimum kicking in too,he had no choice but to cave or NK would be worse than Venezuela.

  2. This is my favorite scene of any movie. Willing to go to war and die or willing to settle for peace.

  3. That would be a good way to get worms.


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