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Saturday, April 28, 2018

When You Know Google Is Watching......


  1. They got cameras that can do that but can't get a bank robber's face at 20 feet.

  2. I think Google has cropped that frame out now. If you look at street view at 60°43'5.25"N, 46°2'8.50"W you can see the dude with his finger up and arm half-raised, but the next frame he's riding away.

    Must be summer in Greenland, there's a woman is shorts.

    1. I just checked it out and you're right. The gogle car is there and you can see the street view camera in the shadow.

  3. Timely. The google car I saw coming as I was taking the trash to the curb last week. I dropped the bags and gave them the salute myself. Funny enough, they are doing new housing 100 feet away so the car had to stop because they are tearing up the intersection for a regrade/new pavement so they had to make a u turn, and pass by me again while I held the "your #1" digit the whole time.

    If i could have had a better heads up, I would have been at my front fence gate with my AR at Present Arms...


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