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Sunday, April 22, 2018

How Long Will I Be Allowed To Be A Christian?

I saw this on the Interweb this morning and thought the question to be somewhat ridiculous, but at the same time on the poignant side. If asked, the vast majority of people who are Christian at present would probably answer that question with one word, forever. The author makes some very valid points about why Christians are attacked. He also makes some dire predictions in regards to Christians in this country and around the world. 

By Douglas MacKinnon

With each passing month, that shocking question becomes more relevant and even more disturbing.
To say that Christians and Christianity are under a withering and brutal attack in certain areas of the world would be an understatement.
In various parts of the Middle East, there is a genocidal cleansing of Christians being carried out. Women, men, and their young children are being slaughtered because of their faith and world leaders and most of the media turn their backs in bored indifference.
Here in the United States, Christians and Christianity are mocked, belittled, smeared and attacked by some on a daily basis. This is a bigoted practice that is not only increasing exponentially, but is being encouraged and sanctioned by a number on the left.
Too many of those who worship at the altar of political correctness have deemed that Christianity should no longer be respected. Rather, they assail it on a regular basis in a coordinated campaign to weaken the faith and its base.
The prevailing view in much of the media is that Christianity is aligned with Republicans, conservatives, or the views of President Trump – and therefore must be diminished and made suspect.
The New Yorker just described the opening of a few Chick-fil-A restaurants in New York City as “Pervasive Christian traditionalism,” and a “Creepy infiltration of New York City.”
Christianity is an “infiltration” to some on the left.
In college, they now teach about the evils of “Christian Privilege.” On Broadway and in theaters around the world, mocking Christians has become a massively profitable money-making venture.
In name, on the crucifix, and in art, Jesus Christ is desecrated in the most twisted and obscene of ways. In movies, on television and online, Christians are portrayed in the most dishonest, prejudiced and insulting of ways.
Across the country, Christian colleges are under constant assault from “social justice warriors” seeking to strip their accreditation and put them out of business.
Christian groups on campus are at times being persecuted, their offices and handouts vandalized, with members even being physically assaulted.
In a nation that is still majority Christian, those who follow the faith have been litigated or brow-beaten into being fearful to utter the words “Merry Christmas,” or to display a Nativity scene celebrating the one and only reason there is a Christmas Day.
Want to stay true to your Christian faith in the most innocuous and giving of ways?
To do so is becoming more perilous by the minute, when you stop to ponder just a sampling of the negative consequences. For example:
A high school football coach is fired for taking a knee in prayer. A teacher is fired for giving a Bible to a student who requested it. A Marine is cursed at and then court-martialed for not removing a Bible verse from her computer. Another Bible verse posted by sailors in a military hospital is labeled “extremism.”
For me personally, I continue to be ridiculed for writing and speaking about a vision I had regarding the 40 days after the resurrection.
If you are a practicing Christian in the United States and open about it, you, your congregation and your organization will become a target of some sort. It is only a matter of time.
Ironically, in some very real and ominous ways, it’s as if we are being transported back to ancient Rome.
Will we soon have to meet with fellow Christians in secret? Will we have to whisper our beliefs from the shadows? Will those Christians with “traditional” beliefs lose their jobs and livelihoods if discovered?
As more and more of the mainstream media, entertainment, academia and the hi-tech world continue to purge or discriminate against Christians, what future job fields will be open to young Christians?
Will those Christian children eventually be forced to renounce or deny their faith in order to get a job and provide for their families?
As a Christian, I truly do have the deepest respect for every faith. The vast majority of people of every faith are beyond good and do seek to follow the golden rule: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

Why do so many on the left, in the media, entertainment and academia not practice that most simple, loving and humane of rules when it comes to the Christian faith?


  1. Part of the Progressive Center Left agenda. if they are allowed to take over not only will the 2nd Amend be removed but so will the 1st and the rest of the Bill of Rights.

    Alt left types are Godless!!

  2. If Islam is the religion of peace, why is everyone so AFRAID of offending them?
    If Christianity is so evil why is no one AFRAID of offending them?

  3. http://captaincapitalism.blogspot.com/2018/04/dan-piepenbring-posterchild-of.html

  4. I reckon that I am just not cool. I am a Christian, Heterosexual, White Male. I love a juicy steak, fried bacon, BBQ Meats. I hunt, and I fish. We brew coffee every morning, and prepare our own meals. I am independent, self-employed, self-sustaining (if I don't work my family doesn't eat). I am absolutely PRO-LIFE, PRO-ISREAL, and I vote Conservative. I am not queer, vegan, Muslim, Liberal, Progressive nor stupid. I try to follow the Golden Rule everyday in my every action and thought. I fall short of these lofty goals every day. I will not bow before their Marketplace Gods. I proudly kneel before the ALMIGHTY GOD, and his Son Jesus Christ. Whenever I face difficult decisions and or hard times I look upward for answers and help. I am quick to help my fellow man when his "ox is in the mire" and have humbly received help from them when it was my oxen. I THANK the Lord every hour for my blessings, both tangible and intangible. I know that He is the source of all that I enjoy and I am GRATEFUL. I do my very best to be a "profitable servant" to the Lord God Almighty, and fail miserably everyday. I ask for His forgiveness, and His hand in my life. He is always there for me. These things I confess, and profess to the world. I am a sinner because I am a natural man. I know where my redemption lies, and it is not of this world. In this world of lies, lust, greed, and sloth I am proud to say: I am just not cool.

    1. That is a great testimony Gleason Long. I think there are many, many, more across this great land and Europe like you than the MSM would have the masses believe. If I had written how I believe, worship, shortcomings, etc. it would have mirrored what you wrote.

  5. If everyone or most everyone followed the Boy Scout 12 laws it would be a WAY better human race than the one we are stuck with now.
    Plus, Do a good deed daily. No body even has to know about it. Plus, pick up one piece of trash daily. (this one is mine)

  6. I'll be a Christian until I die.

    Or until "they" kill me.

    And I'll die in a pile of hot brass with my slide locked back....

  7. Christians specifically, and religious people generally, don't worship THE STATE. And that's the issue.

    We - whether Christian or Jew - understand that the world is not just imperfect, but not perfectible, in this world. We set our behavior to gain admission to that perfect world in the next life.

    This is anathema to the Left; how DARE we deny their deity?

  8. Allowed?

    God, what a wuss.

    Imagine being a Catholic when that wasn't allowed. In England. Under Cromwell.

    Imagine being Christian. In Rome. When Nero needed somebody to blame.

    If you're a true Christian, you understand Christ's cross may be yours some day. That's the price you pay for your convictions.

    1. Wuss or "whipped" was my initial "gut feeling" in regards to the author using the word "allowed" too edutcher. It is like TPTB have already defeated this poor soul and that he is convinced permission has to be requested and granted for the most basic of rights (i.e. "how much longer will I be allowed to be a Christian?").


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