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Sunday, March 18, 2018

That Moment When....

  You bring the bike out on a nice spring day. You can feel the sun on your face, as you

 breathe in the warm air loaded with scents and sounds of the rebirth of nature from winter.

Take a moment to draw it all before hitting the starter..............

  I'm so looking forward to this:


  1. Already had my first ride of the year last Sunday. Went to the local annual bike show, and scored some used mufflers at the swap meet. All I need to do now is fabricate some new hangers* and I'm all set for another go!

    *The screamin' eagle pipes aren't quite as 'direct fit' on my bike as I was led to believe, but they sound SO much better than stock.

  2. Christ I am looking at about three weeks before that can happen here.


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